Trump accuses of ‘fraudulent and misleading practices’ – VG

Trump accuses of 'fraudulent and misleading practices' - VG
MEETING: New York Attorney General Letita James will summon Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. (Right) and Ivanka Trump in court.

Donald Trump went to court to avoid having to explain his position to the New York attorney general.


New York State Attorney General Letitia James told the court the testimony was necessary because the Trump Organization had “deceptive and misleading practices.”

This is the first time that the New York Attorney General’s office has brought such specific charges against the Trump Organization, he writes New York times.

In her response to the court, Letitia James accused the family firm of repeatedly misleading lending institutions with misleading assessments.

The investigation into the organization began in March 2019.

Attorney General James lists six specific Trump properties in this case, as well as the Trump brand itself. Among other things, his building on Wall Street and Trump’s house in Trump Tower were mentioned, as well as two golf clubs.

James points to the court how the company should have inflated values. Among other things, the buildings that have not yet been built and the 1,858 square meters in Trump Tower that do not exist are mentioned.

James wrote to the court: “We have uncovered significant evidence indicating that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have wrongly and fraudulently valued a number of assets and misrepresented their value to financial institutions for financial gain.”

To get to the bottom of the matter, it is imperative that Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. He gives his explanations, James believes.

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On Tuesday, the attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit declaring that the attorney general’s office “needs testimony and evidence to determine which Trump Organization employees — and other entities and individuals — may have contributed to or known about the organization and Trump’s misleading statements.”

The petition also asserts information about Donald Trump’s knowledge – and statements – that were misleading and necessary for the Justice Department’s investigation into the organization.

according to CNN The attorney general estimates that Trump may have received more than $5 million in tax credits after misleading real estate appraisals.

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