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Donald Trump viser frem sine nye superheltkort

Wednesday The ex-president said he would release some important news.

On Thursday, Trump made the “big announcement,” that he’d be bringing superhero cards with himself on them.

“Get your cards now,” Donald Trump says in a video.

– Limited edition cards with cool animations of my life and career, he says as well and promises exciting cards.

The cards are very expensive: 45,000 tickets will be sold initially, which will enable the former president to win approximately NOK 44 million.

Photo: Trump Campaign


Cards cost $99 each, which equates to about NOK 980. The cards contain pictures of him in various roles and superhero costumes.

It can be the perfect Christmas gift.

That’s what the former president said in a video posted to CollecttrumpCards, the site for new collectible cards.

– America needs a superhero, says Trump in an animated film in which he stands in a superhero costume outside Trump Tower and shoots lasers from his eyes.

What Trump himself calls a big ad is now being mocked by many online.

“Donald Trump’s big announcement seems to be that he still thinks people will give him $99 when he asks for it,” wrote NBC Washington editor-in-chief Ginger Gibson, according to Watchman.

Some new trump cards

Many Choices: If you want to buy one of Trump’s superhero cards, there are many different cards to choose from.

Photo: Trump Campaign

“Just when I thought he couldn’t humiliate himself any more than he already does,” writer John Kiriakou wrote on Twitter.

Another writes: “This is somehow even hysterically dumber than I expected.”

In the video, the former president said that anyone who buys 45 or more of the “Trump Digital Trade Cards,” as the cards are called, is guaranteed a ticket to a so-called dinner party with Trump in Florida, according to CollecttrumpCards.

The site also has a competition with prizes including a meeting with Trump, a 10-minute Zoom call, and one round of golf at Trump Golf Palm Beach.

Trump superhero card

AMAZING: Donald Trump says the cards are an amazing cartoon of his life and career.

Photo: Trump Campaign

You could earn $44 million

The American newspaper diverse He writes that Donald Trump hopes to bring in more money by selling cards that show him in bizarre fantasy scenarios and various other scenes. Diversity is not alone in thinking that many American newspapers believe Trump’s superhero ticket ad is because he needs money.

Trump has recently faced a number of legal troubles, and earlier in December, Trump’s company was found guilty of tax fraud.

On the new Trump website, they state that they are initially selling 45,000 tickets. If he can sell all the cards, he can earn approximately NOK 44 million.

– do not wait! I think they will go very quickly.

Donald Trump

Sold out: Donald Trump himself says he thinks all cards will sell out, and that you have to buy cards quickly.

Photo: Trump Campaign

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