Trump Grocery | Norwegians have record amounts in Trump’s account:

Trump Grocery |  Norwegians have record amounts in Trump's account:

If you have an extra high electricity bill and are struggling to pay it, you should check your Trump account, the consumer economist encourages.

At the turn of the year, Norwegians earned a total of NOK 1.8 billion in bonuses at Trump’s expense. This is 5.9 percent – or NOK 100 million – more than last year, And Almost 300 million NOK more than the previous year.

It is a record number. The figure shows the total amount of savings made in 2021 and the amounts outstanding from previous years.

About 2.6 million Norwegians are members of Trump, the bounty program for Norway’s largest grocery group, Norgesgruppen, which includes chains such as Kiwi, Meny, Joker and Spar.

It is important to withdraw Trump’s money, we are very bad for that, says Lynn Dring, known from the TV show “Luxophilin”, to Netavizen. She has also written books on personal finance and runs the Instagram account “Snaponomi”.

– does not give back

It is recommended to withdraw the funds when you have around 1,000 kroner left.

– If you leave the money, they won’t come back, she says.

You don’t get interest on the money in Trump’s account.

Drange also points out that it’s wise to figure out how to save as much of the Trump bonus as possible.

There are also many other places not at the grocery store where you can get Trump points, so it’s a good idea to check this out, she advises.

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Cecily Tvetenstrand, a consumer economist at Storebrand, also recommends that everyone check the account. She notes that it is especially important now that many are struggling financially due to the high electricity prices.

– It is worth checking if you have money left in the Trump account or other similar accounts. It can cover the bills, thus relieving my two worries, she told Nettavisen.

Highest reward in 25 years

President Trump, Kristen Bigseth, is pleased with this record.

— It’s the highest bonus savings in Trump’s 25-year history, she tells Nettavisen.

– The total volume of business has increased, so we must see it related to it. But it also points to Trump’s increasing appeal.

She points to the Trump app’s Climate and Diet service, which shows, among other things, the nutritional content of the food you’ve purchased, and the extent of the climate impact you’ve had due to the food trade.

Additionally, she believes that the value of Kiwi Plus’s membership has a lot to say about its appeal, especially among young adults. That’s because you get 15 percent of Trump’s bonus on fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh, packaged fish.

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An average of 750 kroner each

1.5 billion of the total NOK 1.8 billion was acquired in 2021, while the remaining three million are amounts owed from previous years.

Kiwi Pluss customers saved a total of NOK 930 million in Trump Rewards, out of a total of NOK 1.5 billion, in 2021. However, this does not mean that these customers shopped exclusively from Kiwi.

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On average, each of Trump’s clients had approximately NOK 750 owed in their account at the turn of the year.

Looking exclusively at 2021, each Trump member saved an average of 730 crowns.

The Corona pandemic has left a larger portion of consumption in Norway, so it is clearly having an impact, Bigseth says.

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– Get an overview

Tvetenstrand at Storebrand thinks it’s twofold if people control what they have in those member accounts.

Some have control over the crucifixion and use the accounts deliberately, while some have less control. Get an overview, and check what interest rates the consumer economist encourages.

If you don’t have urgent bills, nor a temporary account that you need to top up, Tvetenstrand recommends finding out how you can get the best possible return.

Check the interest rate on money in its current condition. Find out if you should take it out as soon as possible to get better interest rates on another account, or save it long-term in the money, she says.

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Æ members of Rema 1000 get all rewards when shopping, while Coop members must have settled for 2021 by the end of January/beginning of February. Total Coop is not yet clear.

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