Trump strikes back after Biden’s loud speech

US President Joe Biden took a hard line against former President Donald Trump when he spoke out regarding the year-long celebration of Congressional storm.

He instigated the attack and sat in the Oval Office and watched everything on TV – doing nothing – for hours, he said, and added:

The former president created and spread lies about the 2020 elections. He did it because he values ​​power over principles. Because he considers his interests more important than the interests of the nation, and because his wounded arrogance means more to him than democracy. He did not cope with the loss. But he lost.

Now Trump is hitting hard, calling Biden’s speech “political theater.”

“Biden, who is destroying our nation with crazy policies, today used my name to further divide the United States,” Trump said in a statement.


This is a political theater that distracts from the fact that Biden failed completely. Our country no longer has borders. We have lost control of Covid (record numbers!), we are no longer dependent on energy, our military is in crisis and the withdrawal from Afghanistan was perhaps the most embarrassing day in US history.

The former president concludes that Democrats want to own this day so they can frighten and divide the United States.

Trump was originally scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday. However, it was canceled earlier this week, allegedly on the advice of his advisers.

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