Trying to unlock Apple’s secret world until everything is possible

Trying to unlock Apple's secret world until everything is possible

The developers are trying to hack the M1 so that Apple’s awesome ARM chipset can run any operating system or software. How about Windows 11 running directly on Apple Silicon or macOS on iPad and Windows 11 on iMac?

If they can unlock M1, we can do everything

Of course, Apple keeps the information about how Apple’s new ARM chips are working, close to the box, and they’ve proven to be a hit with a good balance of performance and battery life.

This is not a guarantee of success, but a start

Maynard Handley is a developer of the Quick Time video format and software from Apple. He has now spent a lot of time compiling 350 pages Detailed technical information About the M1, based on understanding from ARM, Apple patents, and other sources.

Even if they do, there is still a risk that everything will not work optimally.

Handley is not impressed with everything Apple does:

The documentation isn’t out, so expect updates in a few months If you have a deep technical understanding of the hardware, this can be very exciting, and for the rest of us, what’s even more exciting is the fact that if you know enough, it can be hacked and tweaked.

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