TU fortune teller: Read the recap and see who won

TU fortune teller: Read the recap and see who won

This year’s fortune telling had two winners. Both had 27 correct answers, out of 33 possible answers.

The first winner is a household name to some. Roar Skulin is the director of the Met Institute (MET). He naturally answered the questions about the temperature record and the precipitation record correctly.

See the questions and conclusion at the bottom of the case.

– Yes, I must admit that I have an advantage there. By definition, it takes a lot to break those records. Nesbin still holds the record of 35.6 degrees, he said.

Skålin holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from NTNU. Since 2017, he has been Director of MET. From January 2023, he will serve a new six-year term in the same position.

He believes that his technical and natural background, along with his interest in society and politics, contributed to him being right with his expectations.

However, he was surprised when TU called to say that he had won.

– I didn’t think I’d hit so well, says Skålin.

Roar Scalen was surprised that he had the right answers. Photo: Magne Velle/Meteorological Institute

Sondre Ripegutu thinks he has a little bit of luck. Photo: private

Another winner is Sondre Ripegutu from Søgne. He works in the oil service with control and programming systems. He received a master’s degree in mechatronics from the University of Grimstad, a study that, according to the university, combines mechanics, electronics, computer engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

However, he did not believe that it was a varied education that made him a good priest.

– I work in the industry and I was hoping that the price of oil would go up. Other than that, Rebigotto says, it might have been pure luck.

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Both win an annual subscription to the TU Ekstra.


  1. Will the oil price rise above $90 in 2022? yes
  2. Will the spot price of electricity (excluding taxes and VAT) be higher than NOK 10/kWh for at least one hour by December 15, 2022? No
  3. Will any onshore wind applications be processed in Norway in 2022? No
  4. Will a viable oil or gas discovery be made on the Norwegian continental shelf in 2022? yes
  5. Will the windmills in Füssen (Storhia and Rouen) be demolished in 2022? No
  6. Will more new electric cars be registered in Norway in 2022 than in 2021? yes (According to EU-EVS.com, 119,080 electric vehicles were registered in Norway in 2021, 119,108 so far this year (as of December 16))
  7. The ferry-free E39 requires a bridge or tunnel over five gorges. Will any of these crossings be phased out in 2022? yes
  8. Will the light rail be thrown into the tunnel or over Bryggen for a new vote in Bergen City Council? No(!)
  9. In 2022, will SAS announce plans for a concrete commercial flight route that will fly entirely or partially on hydrogen? No
  10. Will the Tesla Model Y become Norway’s best-selling electric car? yesAccording to EU-EVS.com, the Tesla Model Y has sold 15,285 units. In second place was the VW ID.4 with 10,144 copies. Tesla is also the best-selling car brand (15.5 percent market share) ahead of Volkswagen (12.6 percent). But: Tesla’s market share decreased from 17.1 percent last year, while Volkswagen’s market share increased from 10.8 percent.
  11. Will the Norwegian go bankrupt before December 15, 2022? No
  12. The National Theater will be upgraded, and Staatsburg delivers a revised preliminary draft in January. Will Parliament grant funds for detailed planning? No
  13. The Trade Organization for Contractors expects construction activity to decline in 2022. Are they right? No. Building and construction entrepreneurs’ association, EBA, says building and construction looks set to generate total sales in 2022 of NOK 510 billion, up 0.8 percent from 2021. Building is the industry’s bailout, while construction is seeing a decline from 1, 3 percent.
  14. Will solar cells be needed in new commercial buildings in the southern parts of the country? No
  15. Will Building Regulations Require Reuse in 2022? No
  16. Will a new record be set for the highest temperature ever measured in Norway? No
  17. Will Bergen set a new record for rainfall measured in a single month – in November at the latest? The current monthly record is 634.7 mm. No. According to Yr, January was the wettest month in Bergen during this period. Then 374.9 mm of precipitation fell.
  18. Will we get a new Norwegian “unicorn” in the form of a privately owned IT start-up worth more than $1 billion next year? yesAccording to Oslo Business District, Norwegian Dune Analytics achieved Unicorn status in 2022.
  19. Will Storting be hacked again in 2022? No
  20. Will the chip shortage basically end by the end of 2022? No. The shortage of certain types of semiconductors is an ongoing global crisis.
  21. Will the hackers behind the attack on Nordic Choice be exposed and prosecuted during 2022? No. The notorious hacker group appears to have been disbanded. But there are no indications that the members have stopped crime, so many would suggest that they simply regrouped. US authorities announced in May 2022 up to $10 million in Reward To catch the masterminds, but only a few nicknames are known.
  22. Will bitcoin be above $50,000 on December 1, 2022? No. At the beginning of December, the price was close to $17,000.
  23. Will the European Parliament pass a ban on targeted online marketing (use of cookies) against European citizens in 2022? No, not a general ban. The European Union has adopted a less comprehensive ban on marketing to children, as well as to adults based on sensitive information.
  24. Will the billion in broadband promised in the state budget for 2023 come through? NoIn budget reconciliation, there is just over NOK 362 million for broadband development.
  25. Will the Norwegian Armed Forces buy Korean tanks in 2022? No
  26. Will the Norwegian Defense Forces sell any Sea King helicopters in 2022? No
  27. Will the Norwegian Armed Forces receive new MANPADS (Manpads) in 2022? No
  28. Will the first aquaculture permits go to sea in 2022? No
  29. Will the proportion of Norwegians over the age of 18 who have been vaccinated with at least one dose against COVID-19 exceed 96 per cent by December 2022? No. The figure was 91 percent
  30. Will we get ten consecutive months without national measures for Corona during the year? yes
  31. Do we still apply corona measures in Norway, local or national, in December 2022? No
  32. Will mobile phone company Ice go bankrupt in 2022? No
  33. Will the European Union decide to stop setting the clock? No

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