Turkey, refugees | Turkey denies responsibility for 92 naked migrants at the Greek border river

Turkey, refugees |  Turkey denies responsibility for 92 naked migrants at the Greek border river

– We condemn such cruel and degrading treatment and demand a full investigation into this incident, says UNHCR and Describe Reports and photos of 92 shocking people.

Greek authorities enlightened On Saturday, Greek border police in cooperation with the European Union border guard agency Frontex rescued 92 naked migrants in Evros the day before.

Frontex confirmed on Sunday that it was involved and says most of them are residents of Syria and war-torn Afghanistan.

They were found half-naked, some with visible wounds, spokeswoman Paulina Bakula told AFP.

Minister of tweet in the picture

Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis chirp On Saturday, a picture of migrants accuses Turkish authorities of sending people across the border. The photo shows a large group of men trying to hide their stomachs as they navigate a row across a landscape. The faces are stained, and many men are sitting on the floor.

Turkey’s treatment of the 92 migrants we rescued at the border today is a disgrace to civilization. We expect Ankara to investigate the incident and at least protect its borders with the European Union.”

Turkey’s Communications Minister Fahrettin Altun believes Mitarakis is spreading false information and is asking Greece to stop its “bad treatment of refugees”.

– Greece once again demonstrated to the whole world that it does not respect the dignity of refugees by publishing pictures of those oppressed people whom it has deported after confiscating their personal property, Altun tweeted on Sunday In Turkish, Greek and English.

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I got food and clothes

According to the Greek ministry, none of the 92 had clothes or luggage. Some of them told Greek officials that they were taken to the river in three vehicles belonging to the Turkish authorities. They were then placed in inflatable boats that would take them to Greece. Greek police say that after they arrived, they were given food and clothes.

Greek Civil Protection Minister, Takis Theodorikakos, accuses Turkey of “exploiting illegal immigration”. He told Greece’s Skai TV that several migrants had told Frontex that they had been taken to the river in Turkish military vehicles.

– They spend their time respecting human rights and not manipulating and deceiving, chirp Turkish Deputy Interior Minister Ismail Catakli.

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Cemetery in the Aegean Sea

Greece itself is regularly exposed to accusations from organizations and the media that it is participating in the so-called illegal response. It involves forcing migrants and refugees to return to Turkey by force. Greece denies this and says it is acting in line with international law and protecting its borders.

Last month, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used his speech at the United Nations to accuse Greece of turning the Aegean Sea into a “cemetery” for its “oppressive” immigration policy.

Greek border guards recently reported a sharp increase in the number of boat refugees arriving via the eastern Aegean.

Greece, for its part, accused Turkey, which hosts the largest number of refugees in the world, of pushing refugees and migrants to Greece in order to put pressure on the European Union.

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The Greek government wants to nearly close the border in Evros as a result of the increasing number of people crossing the border from Turkey. The 35-kilometre-long border fence is to extend along the river 80 kilometres.

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