Turkish businessman builds a 360-degree rotating wooden house

Turkish businessman builds a 360-degree rotating wooden house

Cemil Iksilmez, a businessman in the Ardeşen district of Rize, built a two-storey house that rotates 360 degrees using wheels and a smart track.

The typical wooden house, built by a construction company in the Black Sea province, quickly became a center of attraction. The wooden structure can be rotated 360 degrees using the remote control.


Projected on the side of the main road, the house attracts a number of curious visitors. For those wishing to own their own home, construction on the revolving homes, which have already received many orders, will begin in May.

Elaborating on the inspiration behind building the revolving house, Exelms said, “We have always tried to deal with the problems that we faced due to our topologies such as earthquakes and landslides. We can easily change the facade of the house so that every part of the house gets the right sunlight. There will be no room in the house.” Unexposed to the sun, the house we designed is based on the hardships of this region.

We made a spherical system and designed the casing to rotate. He explained that after a year of work, the house was tested in terms of weight, earthquake resistance and durability, and a certificate of conformity was obtained.

He told reporters that they have been in construction for three generations and that they are always developing new projects to meet the geographical conditions.

Pointing out that it is difficult to build a house in the area due to the terrain and weather conditions, the founder said that they built the revolving house in line with European standards with their solutions partners and a system that uses an industrial engine.

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The system frame can support 45 tons, while the machine can support 70 tons. “We have received TSE and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The patent phase will end in a month,” he added.

He explained that the water and electricity components were designed to accommodate the circulation of the house, and said, “We created a central system in the middle in which water and electricity flow.”

Eksilmez also added that the house can be reduced or enlarged with fixed calculations according to the customer’s preferences.

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