Turks will not be allowed to watch this video – NRK Kultur og underholdning

Turks will not be allowed to watch this video - NRK Kultur og underholdning

music video For the song “Karakul” has become too much on Turkish Broadcasting Corporation, RTÜKwho monitored it.

The video shows the love between artist Mabel Matiz and another man.

The council did not release an official statement, but one of the members, Ilhan Tachji, wrote on Twitter that TV channels in the country were asked not to broadcast the video.

This video was banned by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation because it showed love between two men.

Over the past 20 years, Gender Equality Minister Annette Tribergstoen has seen how gay rights have deteriorated in many places in Turkey.

– It was a pleasure to be in Turkey with the Turkish LGBT movement. They are more likely to be persecuted, live in hiding and hate crime.

She believes it is important that we strongly distance ourselves from the Turkish Broadcasting Council elections.

Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Annette Trietbergstein.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / Stian Lysberg Solum

Matiz is one of Turkey’s biggest pop stars and is openly gay. On social media, he thanks the artist for all the support he has received.

– I cry with joy. Thank you very much! We have so many stories to tell.

norwegian pen desk answers

– By encouraging TV and music channels not to play the music video, they are stepping out of their real role and allowing themselves to be used as a stick to conquer an important social group in Turkey, the LGBT people.

Caroline Stockford tells NRK. She is a Turkish advisor to the Freedom of Expression organization Norsk PEN. She thinks so RTÜK has always had problems with its independence.

Twitter screenshot 15:36 17.07.2022

RTÜK’s Ilhan Taşçi writes that TV channels have been told not to show the video, at the same time criticizing the organization.

Photo: Twitter

In the past eight years, we’ve seen that they deliberately go after critical journalists and content that doesn’t align with the government’s conservative views.

Stockford thinks so RTÜK He obeys the will of the authorities.

We at Norsk PEN want to remind them that their job is to reflect diversity in society.

Commissioning control

Stockford says this is not the first time the broadcasting board has complied with the authorities’ wishes.

You’re using another example from earlier this year: RTÜK BOTELA Four TV channels to broadcast Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s speech. He is one of the country’s prominent opposition politicians and the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Turkey.

The president accused in his speech Erdogan and his family due to deep corruption, and plans to flee the country in case of losing elections in the future.

HROdI, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party, accompanied by his wife Selvi Kilicdaroglu, greets supporters during a rally in Istanbul, Turkey

Kemal Kilicdaroglu is the leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

Photo: Murat Sezer/Reuters

– This is censorship on behalf of the government, Stockford believes, and adds:

– RTÜK’s conduct is contrary to a free and just society, and this conduct violates the right of people to receive independent and critical broadcasts from a wide range of sources.

Tachji also confirmed these fines on social media, where he wrote that there was a coup against freedom of expression, the right to freedom of information and democracy.

Twitter screenshot @ilhantasci at 15:41 17.07.2022

It was Ilhan Taci of RTÜK who first announced that four channels had been fined for sending the letter to Kılıçdaroğlu.

Photo: Twitter

NRK was unsuccessful in obtaining a response to our inquiry from RTÜK.

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