Tursim, A Life of Travel | Bergen tourists deserve more respect

Tursim, A Life of Travel |  Bergen tourists deserve more respect

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(Bergensavisin): winter time escapes Roof. The days are getting longer and the streets are filling up again with sun-starved Bergens. Tourists have returned too, lured by the shows on the square. They’re easy to spot: eyes frantically searching for a trend, clothing style that stands out (don’t wear beach shoes when it’s raining).

We often stumble upon them in the city center. They are helpless, confused and full of amazement.

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Take this example French people – whom I know very well. They often begin their Norwegian expedition in the capital, staying four days in Bygde-Norge and in the fjords, and finally coming to Bergen. Someone says: “It’s more beautiful than Oslo.” “It’s so good to finally be in an urban place again,” says the other.

Mesdames et MessieursKnow that you have reached a kingdom within a kingdom! With its own rituals, spirit and identity. The community supporters here are called Arch-Bergens, and the team is Brann,” says the guide.

Drink often The icing on the cake, they envy us for the amazing cultural offer of being such a small town. There is no denying that Bergen is the perfect children’s nest in a beautiful landscape.

As wide-eyed tourists are guided along the city’s streets and its treasures, they hardly have any idea what’s going on here – that the warm feelings are not mutual. They don’t know that they are bothering us, that many people want to Chase them away with a garden hoseor running to reprimand the bus driver who let them out.

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Bergens’ contempt Tourists are boosted by the endless discussions about the number of cruise ships and tour buses downtown, but let’s face it: Tourists are proud of our city. Tourists love Bergen because the city has its own character Genius placeor the spirit of its stature.

It is the interplay of all the elements that give a city its distinctive character and atmosphere. It is the harmony of the city’s landscape, architecture, and people in the middle. Bergen is the gateway to the world famous fjord kingdom. Bergen is a paradise for mega nature experiences.

Before you fall asleep in a tourist’s homeland, think about it.

You can thank Innovation Norway and everyone who lobbied for the destination: You did an excellent job. Norway is being sold as a paradise lost fantasy.

do you say “No norvegiaFor a Frenchman trapped among other commuters in a stinking Paris metro station, you will immediately see the stars in his eyes. French television showed many reports about the fjords, about Hurtigruten, about the Bergen railway, about democracy. Some have read Gunnar Staalesen, and watched The Troll Song on Netflix.

Others admire Eva Joli, the girl from Oslo who became a corruption hunter and candidate for the French presidency in 2012. Norway is also voted the best player in the world for most things, you even win the Bocuse d’Or award. No wonder people want to make the trip here and see if it feels right.

those who come Here they are often saturated with stress and tired of the hamster wheel trapped in it. They want to hear that a different society is possible, with fewer differences in class, with a better view of women, with a better distribution of wealth. They want to hear that things are going well, while enjoying fresh air, water, space, and peace. Don’t come here for the sun and cheap beer.

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They don’t act like Norwegians who are not at home. They actually care about their country.

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Yes, tourists take Space, buses take up space, cruise ships take up space. Nordnes is trying to close to tourist traffic, and there is no longer a stop in Nattlandsfjellet to enjoy the view towards the magnificent Bergensdalen. The crazy queues at Fløibanen are insane. It clearly needs to be organized. The ubiquitous industrialization of leisure travel leads to friction with local communities.

But I want to say: do not throw a stone at the tourist. Alternatively, ask your municipality if they have control over the tourism strategy.

A must for the people of Bergen Being accustomed to visits: “Ships and men sail from all sides: Icelanders, Greenlanders, Englishmen, Germans, Danes, Swedes, Jutlanders, and other nations it would take too long to mention; you can find all kinds of things there if you take the time to search.” This is not a depiction of cruise tourists flooding Bryggen. It comes from the Danish crusaders who stayed in the city around 1200, who described, among other things, a fever surrounding dried fish.

Obviously, the port city has always been a melting pot of people for one reason or another, and it will continue to attract foreigners whether you like it or not.

I always sat Quote by Thor Heyerdahl which can be found on a wall in the Kon-Tiki Museum: “Borders? I’ve never seen one, but I’ve heard it’s in some people’s heads.”

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It is good to remember that Norwegians also have a boundless desire for the world as do the tourists in our city. There is unrealized potential in connecting to local communities, According to the National Tourism Strategy 2030. Norway falls short of being “sociable and friendly”.

The stiffness melts! you have in you.

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