TV 2 is making changes before the premiere of Kompani Lauritzen: – Reduce parts of the promotion

TV 2 is making changes before the premiere of Kompani Lauritzen: - Reduce parts of the promotion

Saturday is the premiere of the third season of “Company Lauritzen” On TV 2. The program, where a select group of celebrities will learn military discipline and compete in a number of military exercises, has established itself as one of the channel’s biggest hits in recent years with over a million viewers.

This year’s TV 2 season of Military Reality received a bleak backdrop with the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Thursday’s premiere party was from the silent variety, Without a red carpet and press the present.

TV 2 still has no plans to delay its premiere this weekend.

– At the moment we, like the rest of the world, are shaken by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Although the Kompani Lauritzen program has a military framework, the program has few similarities to what is happening in Europe now. The program is a well-established and well-known entertainment program where participants are able to test their own limits, and the focus is on stories of mastery and unity. Therefore, we are not making any changes to the program, but we nonetheless chose to tone down parts of the promotion, says the program editor Kathryn Halldorsen In TV 2 of the campaign.

– relieves existence
Especially in digital channels, TV 2 puts pressure on the advertising brakes.

The promotion is going as planned, but we have chosen to reduce presence on select channels, such as online newspapers, says Halldorsen.

– Some of the campaign materials we’ve seen outdoors play on classic war motifs, including the flag-raising on Iwo Jima. What do you think of this link today?

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The program is placed in a military setting, which also affects marketing. Beyond that, “Kompani Lauritzen” is a clean and well-established entertainment program With an emphasis on unity and personal mastery, it has few similarities to what is happening in Europe now.

– Do you think that the program will work in addition to escaping from reality when there is a war in Europe?

– It is clear that such a major event affects the daily life of a media house like TV 2, but this applies primarily to our news department, which has staffed and reorganized the broadcast schedule. Our entertainment programming is less influenced by the news image. “Kompani Lauritzen” is one of our most popular entertainment programs, and we hope and believe that this year’s season will also provide viewers with many interesting and wonderful moments on TV.

does not protect the minister
Among the recruits this year for “Company Lauritzen” is Attorney General Emily Inger Mehl. The program was recorded during the election campaign last summer.

Are you taking any special steps to protect Secretary Emily Inger-Mehl in a promotion?

– No, the participants are promoted in keeping with the fact that “Kompani Lauritzen” is an entertainment program, and is unaffected, says Halldorsen.

According to, the minister did not participate in the closed premiere on Thursday. The campaign has contacted the Ministry of Justice, but we have not yet received a response to our inquiry.

War motifs: TV 2 plays on classic war motifs in marketing “Company Lauritzen”. Like here at the Storting metro station in Oslo. Photo: Knut Christian Hoeger

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