TV 2 launch in the fall: – The celebrity’s daughter is ready for TV 2

TV 2 launch in the fall: - The celebrity's daughter is ready for TV 2

TV2 on Thursday presented its fall 2021 slate of the Colosseum Cinema in Oslo.

One of the news of the year is “TV 2 Help you junior”, in which India Dee Roll Kvangarsnes (11) performed one of the main roles. India hosts with Hjalmar Hegvik Ruud (10).

The 11-year-old is the daughter of Tinashe Williamson (36), who is married to comedian Odd-Magnus Williamson (40). Tinashe Har India From his previous relationship with Håvard Kvangarsnes.

Thirty kilos fox: Henrik Thodesen and Odd-Magnus Williamson did many different things. Among other things, the humorous series “An Ordinary Day” in which Odda was slapped in the face in the buttocks and penis. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Selena Morkin / Red Carpet
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See and Hear Thursday was unsuccessful in contacting the 11-year-old at the school. But Tinashe Williamson does not hide the fact that she is looking forward to the on-screen appearance of her daughter on September 30.

– I’m so proud of her, she says, to see and hear.

Connected to TV 2

The two young presenters will test products, visit factories, and demand answers from responsible adults. Now children’s issues will be taken seriously, but with a strong dose of play and humor and a good assistant named Junior, according to the channel.

Tinashi contact:

– They just called, actually. They saw her on “Star Dust,” NRK’s ​​Christmas calendar. They think she made a good character there. And then they want to host it here. It’s fun that she now spends her time in consumer journalism.

Charming Duo: Ten-year-old Hjalmar Hjelper Rudd and 11-year-old India de Rule Kvangarsnes will lead the 'TV 2 Hjelper deg junior'.  Photo: TV 2
Charming duo: Ten-year-old Hjalmar Hegvik Ruud and 11-year-old India Dee Roll Kvangarsnes will lead the ‘TV 2 Hjelper deg junior’. Photo: TV 2
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However, mother Tinashe does not fully know whether the daughter has already decided on a television career.

– You think it’s especially fun to act. These are tough days at least, Odd-Magnus premieres Nothing To Laugh At In September, while I’m going to publish a children’s book. Then India premiered in September too, chuckle.

Dinner fun: Odd-Magnus Williamson, Ragnhild Mowinckel and Ingar Helge Gimle guests with Solveig Kloppen at ‘An Evening at Kloppen’.
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Dad Håvard Kvangarsnes is also great with his daughter’s new TV job.

– We are proud and look forward to seeing him, he says to see and hear.

Proud: Stranger- Mafgnus Williamson and his wife Tinashe are looking forward to watching India on TV.  Photo: Christian Ruth Christensen / Dagbladet
proud: Stranger- Mafgnus Williamson and his wife Tinashe look forward to watching India on TV. Photo: Christian Ruth Christensen / Dagbladet
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See and Hear has also been in touch with her husband and “back-up father”, comedian and actor Odd-Magnus Williamson, who is full of praise for India.

– I am insanely proud, but very proud that she did it on her own without any prompting from our parents, he says, before Tinashe added:

She is talented, and thinks it’s fun to learn new things. She is a wonderful cat.

Here are the shows on TV 2 this fall:


1921 This autumn’s farm “Farmen” is located next to Steinsjøen, on the border between Østre Toten and Hurdal. Here, 14 tenants would take care of the farm while farm owner Johann Steinswein traveled to Russia with relief organization Fridtjof Nansen to help with the post-war famine there.

“Shall we dance?”

Twelve new celebrities compete in season 17 of “Skal vi danse”, and they will compete with their professional dance partners to be the best on the dance floor.

Dear countrymen:

The comedy “Dear Comrades” opens the doors to a modern royal family, with Attlee Antonsen and In Jansen as King and Queen.

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“looking for love”:

We follow farmers in search of great love, on the most realistic dating program ever.

Good evening, Norway.

TV 2 continues its focus on entertainment and celebrity news! Dorthe Skappel, along with her good fellows Marte Bratberg and Niklas Baarli, will keep you up to date on the celebrity front.


Earlier this year, the TV concept “Sofa” won the gold track for “Best Reality”. This fall, TV Two will air its second season. Some of the things we Norwegians spend the most time talking about are the things we’ve seen on TV, planning to watch on TV, the series we’re attached to, the participants that shocked us and the fun clips you’ll have to see again.

Memory room:

Christian Odegaard will once again address a group of mediocre celebrities and test their level of knowledge with questions at a relatively low level. Dag Otto Lauritzen – a student of the Eternal School – a regular participant.

“Our little country”

«Åsted Norway»

Emma’s voice

“TV 2 helps you young”

“TV 2 helps you”

“Part of me”

Mina and I via Finnmark


“National matches”


“Athletic Parents”

Grorud the underdog

Sven and Peter leave


Alex and On


Bislet BNP

Truls à la Hellstrøm


Laurenskog’s disappearance

Good morning Norway


true. honest. core

lies lies

lego pillows

heart beat



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