TV recording changed the relationship – a new spring after “Sommerhytta”

TV recording changed the relationship – a new spring after “Sommerhytta”

In the TV 2 TV series “Sommerhytta”, four couples have to make a persistent effort to renovate each of their holiday homes in the hope of winning the house for sale. One of the couples is Jamina Hegdal (45 years old) and Stine Gabrielsen (47 years old).

That's how it goes with the Sommerhytta couple.

The couple had been together for 17 years, and felt things were starting to stagnate when they signed up.

-We ended up having a very routine daily life, living on holidays and weekends. “After ‘Sommerhytta’ I feel like I have newly fallen in love, and I feel like we are enjoying everyday life together much more,” says Jamina candidly.

“Summer cottage”: Lyn Veronica Breivik cuts herself in “Sommerhytta”. Video: “Sumerhita”/TV2.
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Break the code

Stein nodded in agreement. She says the renovation process has brought them closer together, and that they have gained important tools to build on their lives together.

-We are very different, and we struggled with how to collaborate on a number of things. Now we've cracked that code, we're already starting to talk about new paint and stuff! Joint projects became more fun and brought us closer together.

Fighting for the Hut: Pairs fight

Fighting for the Cottage: The Sommerhytta couples all fight to win their holiday home. Back (front): Mina Bonvol, Isabelle Mikkelsen-Soy, Stijne Gabrielsen, and Jamina Heggdahl. In the foreground are (former) Helene Svaland Johansen and Henrik Hekka Wik, as well as Lene Veronica Breivik and Reidar Hammer. In the middle stands anchor Katherine Fossum. Photo: Espen Solé
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I took a chance

The couple first met when they were neighbors in an apartment building in Oslo. Jamina was a single mother and lived on the first floor, while Stein lived on the third floor.

From nodding to each other in the hallway, the relationship took a new turn when Jamina mustered up the courage to message her neighbor on the gay dating app Gaysir.

Sparkling with the beautiful Ella

Sparkling with the beautiful Ella

“I wrote something like, ‘Now it’s your turn to wash the stairs this week,’” says Jamina, laughing.

Pride on the Train: The Pride Parade is an important celebration for a cohabiting couple.  Photo: @stinegabrielsen / Instagram

Pride on the Train: The Pride Parade is an important celebration for a cohabiting couple. Photo: @stinegabrielsen / Instagram
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– Stein probably didn't expect to see me on Geyser, which is exactly why I sent a message on that platform. There was a sign in it.

Raise eyebrows: Program director Kathryn Fossum received backlash after the first episode of “Sommerhytta.” Video: “Sumerhita”/TV2.
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I took to bed

Stein remembers well that she was taken to bed by the letter.

– I was very surprised. Gabrielsen says: I didn't know she liked girls.

A friendship developed between the neighbors, but it took a while before anything else happened.

Build more: become

Building more: “Sommerhytta” becomes an instrument for the renewal of love between Jamina and Stein. Image: TV2
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-We became lovers in 2007. Many people are quick to move in together, but we each had our own apartment in the same building already. It was very practical, jokes Jamina.

- I did not know

– I did not know

They are both grateful that they were able to participate in “Sommerhytta”.

– It was really an adventure. We learned a lot – both about practical matters and about each other. We are forever grateful for this experience.

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