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Disclaimer: Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) turns appropriately good faces into a crazy story.

“The Morning Show” will be one of the first series to be concerned with the entry of the Coronavirus into the world. This is the least of the trouble in the tough second season.


Morning Show – Sesung 2
American drama series in ten parts
Med: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Juliana Margulies M. Phil.
Series Author: Mimi Leader
Premieres on AppleTV + Friday 17 September.
New episodes Friday

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The first season of “The Morning Show” appeared on paper as something as unoriginal as a TV show about a TV show. With Jennifer Aniston.

This was by no means the case.

Mito’s story was well thought out and ultimately quite shocking, based on a true story, from an environment of facilitators and silencers. With a golden cast of actors.

including one persuasive Jennifer Aniston.

Not as lyrical and essentially thematic as “Newsroom” Aaron Sorkin. But “The Morning Show” extended toward the same thing, slightly above the very obvious characters, with a conscious relationship to its narrative and the universe. and mission.

NEW: Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies) turns quiet mines into an insane story.

The second season begins where the season ends. Before that, he jumps forward several months in time. The TV channel UBA isn’t quite the same, and Alex Levy (Aniston) is a feminist icon, with book issues and a Time magazine cover on his Linkedin profile.

Then it turned out that another presenter on the channel had a long hand and abused his position. Suddenly, more roles are playing.

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At the same time, the event reaches the point where Covid-19 has begun its attack on humanity. The epidemic we are still in affects every season. Characters are more influenced by the need for screenwriters to write melodramatic soaps. Conflicts and action pull towards parody.

There may have been a secret hope that all this virus-related hassle would be over before the premiere. Semi-cooked jokes about “what to keep,” face masks, and “how to wash our hands” seem appropriate and early and early. Although we are on the stern.

Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon) has become more than just a passionate participant In someone you may not be into it. Alex Levy makes desperate moves to hide the tracks between her and Mitch Kessler (Caryl).

Text: Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) turn cute faces into a crazy story.

Kessler remains pivotal to history, although he has fled the continent and is living unhappy days of life somewhere in Italy. Suitable for the next spread of Corona, and to add nuances of personality. A solution that didn’t work for many actors other than Steve Carell. It seems that he is sincerely repentant and a lost sinner, without the possibility of forgiveness of sins.

Where the first season tried to say something about power structures and their abuses, the second season tries to delve deeper into the same towers.

I suspect.

It is very difficult to understand what the creators of The Morning Show are In fact In addition to producing a television series about a television channel, into a live broadcasting service. The fictional TV channel is trying to launch its own streaming service.

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This is how season two turns in wanting to create an accelerated drama of absolutely everything. Especially near the end, which frantically pursues the same pace and sultry blast as from season one.

Apple CEO Tim Cook always highlights “The Morning Show” as his all-time favorite series Introduces new phonesOr watches or computers.

He may not be excited now.

References Watch the entire season.

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