TV2 revealed the winner of “Kompani Lauritzen” – VG

TV2 revealed the winner of "Kompani Lauritzen" - VG
Fighting for 1st place: Marius Skilbeck, Emily Neering, Emily Inger Mehl and Ricky Isaacsen are the remaining participants in the series.

For committed viewers, a photo posted on TV 2 Play on Wednesday showed who wins the “Company Lauritzen.”


– An image in which highly committed viewers can reveal details from the finale, has been on TV 2 Play for a while as a reference to Saturday’s final, TV 2’s director of press, Jan-Petter Dahl, wrote in a text message to VG.

Next Saturday, it will be decided whether Marius Schjelbeck, Emily Neering, Emily Inger Mehl or Ricky Isaacsen is the biggest winner of the “Company Lauritzen”.

In the previous two seasons, the competition winner was honored with receiving an “honorary sword” from Colonel Dag Otto Lauritzen.

The final won’t be published until Saturday at 18:45 on TV 2 Play, but in the episode preview image you can see who’s holding the sword in hand.

After VG connected to TV 2, the image was quickly removed from the streaming service.

– We apologize if anyone spoiled the excitement around Saturday’s final, and get this right now. Dall writes: We are now revising our routine so this never happens again.

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