TVNorge with a new twist on “71°N” – John Almas returns

TVNorge with a new twist on "71°N" - John Almas returns

After producing 36 seasons with ’71°N’, ’71°N – Norway’s Most Famous Celebrity’ and ‘Camp 71′, TVNorge is ready with a whole new twist on the concept called ’71°N’.

There, four famous couples will compete against each other in time across Norway.

We’re constantly developing software concepts, both new and current, and “71 Degrees North” has been a mainstay of our broadcast schedule for years. We are really proud of that. Although we are now doing “71°N” with a new twist, the DNA of the program will be clearly present. Participants will continue to push their boundaries with challenging challenges in the amazing Norwegian nature, says Program Director at Discovery Networks Norway, Gorgeous Magnus.

Faten assures Campani that Team 71 Degrees North will replace the regular version without the celebs next year. The original version hasn’t been on the air since 2020.

— It replaces the original this season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t make “71 degrees North” without celebrities again, he says.

Celebrity teams that will compete against each other consist of John Almas (host) and Adam Schulberg (comedian), Vita and Wanda Mashady (Influencers and TV Profiles), Victoria Tolas (PT and Effects) and Shabani safari (presenter, YouTube), and Thomas Asgard (former skater) and Elisa Rotrod (journalist, adventurer).

Schjølberg, Vita Mashadi, Jon Almaas, and Thomas Alsgaard participated in “71°N” and also won the competition and the Segard.

– I have to try to correct my image. The last time I was labeled an annoying person, so now I’m going to try to show that I’m actually quite nice to deal with. Plus, being a part of 71°N is one of the most active and extreme activities I’ve done, from nature experiences and team spirit, to thrills and adrenaline kicks, and it’s tempting to try it again, Alms says in a press release.

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’71°N Team’ will premiere in Spring 2022. This fall, a new celebrity group will tour ’71°N – Norway’s Strongest Celebrity’.

seas: These are the new entrants to 71 Degrees North Celebrity

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