‘Twilight’ TV review: Cancer – but how do we live with it? – VG

'Twilight' TV review: Cancer - but how do we live with it?  - VG
Fruit plate: Ester (Nina Ellen Ødegård) is a fruit plate for her 40th birthday

Life is what happens when you’re busy getting chemotherapy.


Norwegian drama series in seven parts
With: Nina Ellen Odegaard, Thorbjorn Haar, Sarah Khurrami, Per Kjerstad, Hermann Sabado, Han Skel Ritan and others.
Series authors: Atle Knudsen and Kjetil Indregard
Screenplay: Kjetil Indregard and Mads Løken
Director: Attlee Knudsen
Premiere on NRK TV on Sunday 2nd October

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Esther (Nina Ellen Odegaard) is a Rojaland China bot for humans. Full of energy, enthusiasm and motivation. Always ready to party. Ironically, it is precisely at a party, in fact her fortieth birthday, that life takes its breath away for her and those around her.

During a technical failure, Esther was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Esther doesn’t think the fun should stop because of that. She shows gallows humor, wants to get rid of the disease and use the phrase “I have cancer” as an excuse to get out of difficult situations. Probably the ambition is to become the most active cancer patient ever.

The fact that it is simultaneously a pillar, a rock, in fact the foundation of the extended family of three in staging and friends Finn (Herman Sabado) and Charlotte (Sarah Khorami) with their children, makes the cancer diagnosis much heavier for those around them than for the patient himself.

How do you deal with the ground on which you stand, everything on which you build your existence, is being ripped apart? This emotional earthquake is the true story in “Etterglow”.

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Unlike “Hope” (2019) And the “Nothing to Laugh About” (2021) Is “Etterglow” not cancerous one way or the other.

Burgerfest: Finn (Herman Sabado) and Malene (Hanne Skill Reitan) tested their burger menus.

Nina Ellen Ødegård is unusually perfect as a fireworks-positive ester, but it’s increasingly cancerous. Patients who should at the same time console the healthy. People who don’t have in-depth experience with Rogalanders will probably say it’s too much.

No way it is.

The first two rings are reaching and nodding Tears of laughter and life energy with Burnie.. Lazy, impulsive, and bigger than gray weekdays, with so much respect for real problems that make you embarrassingly serious and funny at the same time.

The main story about Ester and Arild also runs the seven episodes that the series uses. For anyone else involved, seven episodes is too much.

Both Finn and Charlotte have “Is that all” realization in their life cycles. With slightly different results. Sabado’s Finn is a dignified, but hopelessly insecure, forty-year-old young man with a blatant refusal to commit and a lack of understanding that he is actively hurting himself around him.

Esther and Arild’s sons are also going through their own change processes, while Arield herself is almost wiped out by a lack of control of the situation. Formerly Torbjørn Harr A blacksmith in “Children of Dag Johann Hogerode”». Here he manages to find other nuances of an impossible situation.

Charlotte of Khurrami is the most sarcastic soap in her story line, bored in a secure relationship with good and well-meaning, but also The Routine Hyacinth Man (Per Kjerstad).

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VENTEVILREDE: Arild (Torbjørn Harr) struggles when Ester (Nina Ellen Ødegård) develops cancer.

Most of these side pathways struggle to balance the nuances of the field of work as well as the main one around tissue samples, radiation, and care while waiting.

Director and creator of the series Attlee Knudsen himself has lived out parts of what was said. It is impossible not to feel the care and love that fall into the main roles. Knudsen has previously provided some of the most positively written characters in recent NRK history, both solid “Linus i Svingen” series and Last year’s Christmas adventure around the Christiania Magics Tivolitester Theatre.

The somewhat simplified treatment of black and white in the series with a younger main target group, unfortunately, is partially applicable here as well. So yeah, Etterglow, he’s kind of a Burnie with cancer (The NRK series allegedly said no.) A series about feeling happy about giving and taking oneself.

In fact, it was about a group of people in their 40s who thought they were finally on the bright, stable side of life. who are suddenly forced to make critical life choices anyway. In this sense, “Etterglow” is not about how terrible cancer is.

It’s about how wonderful life is.

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