December 7, 2022


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Twitter collapse risk

Twitter collapse risk

Elon Musk has given Twitter employees an ultimatum: They must decide whether to stick to longer, high-intensity work days or quit their jobs in exchange for a severance package of three months’ salary.

The warning was given on Wednesday. The commitment deadline is set for Thursday at 5 PM EST.

Now Reuters, NBC, The New York Times and several US media are reporting that hundreds are leaving the company.

Closes offices

Internal Slack messages shared with NBC He explains that engineers and other employees are posting resignation letters in a chat group called “Social-watercooler”. Hundreds of farewells poured in as the clock struck five.

Now Elon Musk says in a letter to all employees, which BBC Our opinion, all Twitter offices will be closed immediately and won’t open until Monday. According to the letter, the key cards will also be taken out of service.

NBC spoke to Twitter employees who wish to remain anonymous. Three of them say they have finished their employment, but they don’t know exactly how many will be out.

In an internal survey, 42% of employees said they would quit. A quarter indicated that they would stay again “reluctantly”, and only 7% said “yes, I would stay, I am reluctant”. Reuters reviewed the survey.

– It can decompose during the night

This comes on top of Musk firing half of the company’s seven thousand employees when he took over the company’s management.

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A source on Twitter told Reuters news agency that the Twitter application used internally among employees started having problems Thursday evening.

The same source told Reuters that there is a risk that Twitter’s public platform could collapse, possibly early overnight.

– In the event of platform problems, there is no one left who can fix many important areas.

A Twitter NBC engineer spoke to Can the situation for further operations become dangerous:

Entire teams working on critical infrastructure are leaving Twitter, and this is a serious risk.

The engineer wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

Musk: How do you make a small fortune?

Elon Musk was also active on Twitter last night. He wrote in the usual humorous tone:

How to make a small fortune in social media? … start with a great fortune.

Twitter, which lost many of its telecoms employees, did not respond to inquiries from Reuters or NBC news agency.

Musk told the engineers to stay put

It’s not clear exactly how many actually quit, but there should have been 3,000 left before today’s firings.

The Washington Post writes that employees the newspaper spoke to estimate that there are now between 2,000 and 2,500 employees.

A Twitter engineer who spoke to NBC says Musk has asked engineers who accepted the severance agreement to consider staying.

In addition to the fact that about 3,500 were fired when Musk took over, many of them quit.

The engineer NBC spoke to knew of only two people who chose to stay.

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The engineers responded to Musk’s pun

Many of the engineers who left Twitter on Thursday now describe themselves as “passionate engineers” or “ex-hardcore engineers,” after Musk said his employees should be “hardcore.”

Musk indicated earlier this week that he wants to spend less time on Twitter and get a new administration.