Twitter in India: Police hire a Twitter boss

Police in Ghaziabad, India called a local Twitter boss because of a video shared on Twitter. A police spokesman for the German newspaper said on Friday that he had accused the company of inciting inter-religious violence.

The video shows how a man is beaten and shaved. People shared the video on Twitter, which police said pointed to Hindu violence against a Muslim. After the video spread fast, officials said, according to initial findings, there was no religious background. Nevertheless, Twitter did not remove the misleading content. On Thursday, police asked a Twitter employer in India to lodge a complaint with a police station within seven days and explain the company’s position. In response to a dpa request, Twitter initially did not release a statement.

In one Indian media report However, it is said that the victim was going to a mosque and was attacked because it was a Hindu greeting “Jai Sriram” Do not want to shout – it will confirm a religious background.

Representatives of US companies are said to be personally responsible for the content

This week, Indian Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad accused Twitter of failing to follow the new laws and acting arbitrarily in the fight against misrepresentation. According to recently enacted rules, services like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp are required to name an employee in India and officials can be contacted if they wish to remove the content. This person is solely responsible for the content published. Companies can also identify the original sender of a content.

If companies do not follow this, according to Indian media reports, they can be held responsible for the content of their users and, if necessary, can be prosecuted. The Indian government has long sought to closely monitor expressions of opinion on the Internet.

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