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As the queues continue to rise, the boat owners’ team is working hard on the lease on Thursday afternoon. In one of the largest ferry connections in the country, two of the four boats suddenly thanked each other.

This can be a challenge for Dale Schzeckstadt, who travels to Oslo to collect work. The ferry at Westness in Romestel is about to fill up, and she is already far behind in line.

– Now I fly to Oslo for a conference and I feel a little depressed, he says.

If the burial does not put both boats back into service at express speeds, there may be a toll road trip.

Ferry link on the E39 main road to the coast of western Norway.

– Works hard to solve problems

In the middle of the afternoon crowd, the two boats thanked each other. One boat was knocked down by a faulty trustee, and the other was a malfunction in the electrical system, the burial said.

– This is very unfortunate and very unfortunate. Now we need to do what we can to get the boat back on track, says John Christian Fitness, communications manager at Boreal.

Now we are doing our best to solve this problem.

– We have service personnel, we are working hard to solve the problem, and we are working to deploy reserve boats, says Fitness.

It is not uncommon for a boat to have technical problems, but according to Fitness, it is not uncommon for two to occur simultaneously. Thus, the connection is suddenly half capacity.

Ask people to follow

The ferry link between Molde and Vestnes carries over 2000 cars daily. Stopping at the break in the afternoon creates major problems.

The ferry company asks passengers to follow the updated traffic reports. For example, there is a detour via Sølsnes-Åfarnes. There will also be queues here Thursday afternoon as a result of the ferry problem in Moldefjord.

Boat Line Sølsnes

There are also rows in the neighboring Sølsnes-Åfarnes.

Photo: Eirik Ulvestad

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