Two F-35 fighter jets have been sent to the wings after Russian fighters flew out of Norway

Two F-35 fighter jets have been sent to the wings after Russian fighters flew out of Norway

An object was found in Nord Stream lines

Danish authorities said Tuesday that an unidentified object was found around the place where the Nord Stream pipeline suffered the explosions in September.

Large gas leaks were discovered on the Danish island of Bornholm after the Nord Stream 1 and 2 bombings in September.

The Danish authorities have received information from the Russian company Gazprom, which owns the gas pipelines, that a small object has been found in Nord Stream 2.

– The competent authorities considered that the observation does not constitute a direct security threat, and that there is no direct danger to people or the movement of ships in the area. The authorities are investigating and following the situation closely, the Danish Foreign Ministry wrote in an email to the Swedish news agency TT.

Gazprom obtained permission from the Danish authorities to survey the damage to the gas pipelines.

The information comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier on Tuesday that Gazprom had found an antenna-like object about three miles from where the blasts occurred.

“Experts believe that it could be an antenna capable of receiving a signal to detonate explosives,” Putin said, indicating that a government entity must be behind the attack, saying that the United States benefited from it.

German and American media recently reported that a pro-Ukrainian group may have been behind this, but Russia, which has always pointed the finger at the West, has rejected this explanation.

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