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Two Reps Shipping Off

updated; Work hard to find a solution.

Chargers Recharge and Kople have been experiencing operational issues with their systems since early today. All clothes are now added to bring order back to his feet.

– We learned about the error around nine o’clock this morning. Unfortunately, we don’t know the size of the domain or when it was resolved. But we know that the fault lies with one of our system sellers. They have now put all of their experts on the case, and are working hard to resolve the issue, reports Recharge’s press contact, Elise Thorvaldsen.

Update at 14:51:

– It may appear that our supplier has found the solution to the problem, and the vast majority of charging stations are now back to normal operation. We note that a large number of customers are now recharging their energy. Thorvaldsen explains to Tek that quite a few charging stations are still affected.

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Since the systems are clearly not working as they should, work is also underway to have an emergency solution so that the systems can be up and running again. So we hope your car will be shipped.

We’re now working on getting all of our fast chargers, and fast chargers that can, into the so-called unlock mode. In the open mode, the electric drivers will be able to charge for free without a chip or an app, by plugging in the cable and pressing the power button.

It is also unknown when this will happen.

Kople wrote on his website just before 2pm that his operating system was up again after an error earlier today, but some chargers are still not online.

“We are constantly working to get everyone back to work. Many chargers that are still offline can still be used; use an RFID tag from Kople or our partners to start the charging session,” there stated.

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