UiT, Narvik | Visits by hundreds of students: – We hope that we have aroused the curiosity of many

UiT, Narvik |  Visits by hundreds of students: – We hope that we have aroused the curiosity of many

“We have a desire to communicate widely with tomorrow’s technologists and we hope that we have aroused the curiosity of many,” says Campus Director Asun Lingedal.

How to use knowledge

On Tuesday, students from Oscarsborg High School, Senja High School and Heggen Senior High School in Harstad were invited to UiT in Narvik in connection with Green Day, organized by UiT in cooperation with Nordkraft, Statkraft, Equinor and Narvik Havn.

Technology Day became Technology Days at UiT in Narvik.

“We want to create a bigger technology-related event with a particular focus on green technology,” says Lyngedal.

By linking different teaching plans to the competency targets that pupils achieve in school, the aim is to show how an individual can use the knowledge he or she has acquired.

Need more girls

-In addition, we can see the job opportunities available in the area. We have a great need for more engineers and technologists in the future, and here UiT will of course contribute in the educational aspect, says Lingedahl. In this regard, it calls for the necessary focus on the employment of girls in technology and engineering:

Women constitute only a quarter of the country’s engineers and technicians. As the technologies of the future are shaped, women’s perspectives and experiences must be part of the solutions we find. For this reason, it is very important that recruitment occurs widely on our courses.

Tour and search on Glass Street

On Wednesday and Thursday, annual Technology Days were held for Year 10 students from Ballangen, Kjøbvik, Evenes and Narvik. The schedule of days was largely the same as on Green Day. A tour of the various laboratories at the College of Engineering and Technology and that individual departments were able to display some of their research on Glass Street. The Nursing Education and Business School at UiT in Narvik were also involved.

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The students were also able to get a practical test of how solar panels work – not least what is required to get maximum effect from solar panels.

Additionally, students received a lecture by Marty Bergman, Assistant Track Director at Bane Nor.

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