Ukraine, NATO | A sensational NATO statement issued: – That will not happen

Ukraine, NATO |  A sensational NATO statement issued: – That will not happen

– British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said last week that Ukraine’s rightful place is in NATO.

The same words have been used repeatedly by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Ukraine has already submitted its membership application, a hot topic at last week’s informal NATO meeting in Oslo.

In July, the stage is set for a NATO summit in Vilnius. Karsten Fries, a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Foreign Policy, said earlier this week that NATO must agree to some form of response to Ukraine’s application.

– Ukraine wants to get it as soon as possible. But NATO has a certain caveat. It’s hard to take a country to war, and you don’t want to promise something you can’t keep. How clear a political signal about future membership is needed? How much can one promise when war breaks out? He asked and continued:

– These are difficult reserves, and they need to find both the right words and the balance of not promising too little or too much, Fris told NTB.

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Against Ukrainian NATO members

Nigel Farage, who led the Brexit Party in Great Britain in his time, is opposed and believes that it would be foolish to join Ukraine now in NATO.

– Rishi Sunak is pushing hard for Ukraine to join NATO. Why bring us closer to a third world war? This is complete madness,” he writes on Twitter.

Carsten Fries points out that Farage’s plan is based on a premise which he believes does not correspond to actual reality.

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– It doesn’t happen when war happens. It won’t happen. What was discussed in Oslo was to help them prepare for NATO membership, but no one is letting them now, Fries tells Netavisen.

– Will joining Ukraine to NATO increase the chance of world war?

– No, it is not, you are a member to block. He talks about joining them tomorrow as the war rages. But he says NATO is doing everything it can to avoid direct conflict with Russia.

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– There is no peace without a security guarantee

NATO has been welcoming Ukraine since 2008, Nubi researcher says. Because an important feature of NATO’s treaties is that countries can join if they want and membership is accepted by member states.

– There will be no peace in Ukraine without some form of security guarantee, hence the need for peace with NATO membership or something similar. If the war ends today, he says, it is likely that Russia will attack again in a few years.

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