January 30, 2023


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Ukraine, Poland | A Ukrainian gift exploded at a Polish police station – two were slightly injured

On Wednesday, rumors began circulating in Poland that an accident had occurred at the main police station in Warsaw.

– Accident at work in the police department? Journalist Mariusz Jerzyzewski asked his Twitter followers yesterday afternoon, quoting a statement by a Polish police spokesperson:

– There is a crack in the ceiling in one of the guard rooms. Part of the building is closed. Spokesman Marius Ciarca said the condition of the roof should be checked.

The cause of the accident was not known at the time.

Location Polsat News He writes that they tried to obtain comment from the police on Thursday. They sought answers after the paper’s sources claimed that police chief Jaroslav Chimchik was taken to hospital for observation and that pyrotechnics were working at the scene on Wednesday.

The newspaper reported that the incident was not serious enough to warrant a press conference.

– This is a secret room, where there are special units to ensure the protection of the police station. Therefore, we cannot provide any information, said police spokesman Ciarca.

Later on Thursday afternoon, the case took a new turn.

– Yesterday at 07.50 an explosion occurred in the room next to the office of the chief of police, the Polish Ministry of the Interior wrote V.I statement.

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What exploded, according to the ministry, was a gift that the police chief received during a working visit to Ukraine on December 11-12. Here he met the leaders of the Ukrainian emergency services.

– The gift was from one of the leaders of Ukraine’s emergency services, according to the Polish ministry.

They did not write exactly what the gift was, but several independent sources reported to one of Poland’s largest online newspapers, onetlong before the official statement by the authorities that Şimsek had tried to fire a grenade launcher in the direction of “the social room in his office”.

– He did not expect to be loaded, writes Onet.

– As a result of the explosion, the police chief was slightly wounded, and he has been in the hospital for observation since yesterday. A civilian employee at the police station also sustained minor injuries that did not require hospitalization. The Polish authorities are asking the Ukrainian authorities to provide relevant explanations, the ministry wrote in the end.