Ukraine, Ukraine conflict | The UK is considering using the luxury home of oligarchy to house Ukrainian refugees.

Ukraine, Ukraine conflict |  The UK is considering using the luxury home of oligarchy to house Ukrainian refugees.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Robb says the British government is considering confiscating property on British soil owned by oligarchy affiliated with the Kremlin and using luxury property to house Ukrainian refugees.

It emerged during a radio interview on Friday when asked by the deputy prime minister whether the government would consider seizing assets belonging to oligarchy affiliated with the Kremlin as part of the British embargo regime against Russia.

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– Yes, if we have the evidence and the legal basis, we will do it, he told the radio channel LCP.

When asked if these properties would be used to house Ukrainian refugees, the Deputy Prime Minister replied:

– Yes completely.

– We see this from all angles. It is a group effort that spans the entire government. Rob said everything from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense to Michael Cove, and the Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) has been working very hard on this.

– This is an extreme sting for Putin

The move was initially promoted by the opposition Liberal Democrats. But influential minister Michael Cove is said to have made a significant effort to persuade the government to consider the move.

– If they can achieve this, the ultimate tactic of the Russian authorities will be to expel the oligarchs from their property and to recruit Ukrainian refugees from Putin. It would be like turning the desk upside down, says John Eric Mustad, a senior lecturer at the University of Acts, telling Netizen.

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“Now the British government is trying to find a legal basis for confiscating the assets of the oligarchy without compensating,” says Mustadh. “We see sanctions already having a negative effect on the market and banking system in Russia.” The British have the opportunity to play an important role here.

Massive forces work

It is hoped that the oligarchs will be attacked more severely, and that they will press Vladimir Putin to stop the invasion.

– This will be part of the sanctions now being implemented by NATO and the EU, and Britain is now seeking to remove this freedom of oligarchy affiliated with Putin. Mustad says enormous powers are at work here, and that the UK will use as much power as it has at its disposal. The British government has been criticized for being slow to allow oligarchy.

– The background to this is that long before the invasion of Ukraine, there was strong pressure on the British authorities to limit these unlimited opportunities, and the oligarchs had to move their wealth to Britain after the wall collapsed, Mustad says.

– There may have been eight to ten major oligarchs who came after the Soviet era and settled in Britain because of liberal economic laws, dual citizenship and favorable opportunities to invest this enormous wealth. He says the snatching of their dual British citizenship is also part of the sanctions being considered.

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“London Degree”

Mustafa says oligarchy has helped push house prices to astronomical heights in central London. And put it at the forefront, only customers like the Norwegian Petroleum Fund can compete against these wealthy Russians (Petroleum Finance, well known, has acquired properties on the fashionable Regent Street). It is not without reason that the British capital was nicknamed the “London Degree”.

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– The oligarchs have bought a lot of the Mayfair area in London. This is an old classic area in the center, and its prices were very high. Russian oligarchs have helped raise domestic prices so much that ordinary Britons do not have the financial means to live there, Mustad says.

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– In addition, oligarchy has acquired large estates in valuable suburbs. These are large, antique gardens, owned by the aristocratic British upper class, which have been renewed by oligarchs. He says these are the big assets we are talking about. One week after the start of the Russian invasion, more than a million Ukrainians fled. There are all indications that this number will increase significantly in the coming years.

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