Ukraine war, fake news | – The Russians are being encouraged to deviate from the battlefield

Ukraine war, fake news |  – The Russians are being encouraged to deviate from the battlefield

A Russian military blogger accuses Russian military of fabricating or embellishing reports that Russian forces destroyed Ukrainian military vehicles in Ukraine. is the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) who reports the charges laid down in This Russian military blog on August 7th. The blog states that old Soviet psychology is still alive and well in the Russian war machine.

Here, officers are encouraged to report bogus successes in their missions to appease their superiors. The blogger claims that the Russian military discourages writing “boring” or negative honest reports. that they would be labeled a “chithole” by their fellow soldiers and management if they admitted the target was not worth the ammunition.

In the blog, it is suggested that the successful destruction of one Ukrainian military vehicle, for example by the American Bradley APC, can be presented in such a way that there was not one but many successful destruction of various armored personnel carriers. Russian soldiers reportedly filmed Russian helicopters and artillery strikes on the same location, previously damaging Bradley, from different angles, on different days, and then reported separate hits.

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The blogger claims that everyone in the Russian military knows that officials do, and that the Russian military leadership has no intention of stopping officials from filing false or embellished reports.

The same Russian military blogger has previously accused Russian attack helicopters of attacking already destroyed Ukrainian military equipment and suggested that the Russian Defense Ministry use these repeated strikes to increase Ukrainian losses.

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The ISW report comes just days after the Russian Defense Ministry released an update on its invasion of Ukraine, claiming that the Russians destroyed 28 Ukrainian tanks, including eight long-awaited German Leopard tanks. As evidence of this, the Russians released a video of a missile attack on a car.

– The destruction of foreign armored vehicles, including Leopard tanks, the Russian Ministry of Defense wrote under the video posted on cable.

This video was ridiculed by Russian and Western experts, because the destroyed vehicle in the video was not a Leopard tank, but an agricultural machine – possibly a John Deere 9000.

In this video, the Russian Defense Forces claimed to have blown up a Ukrainian Leopard tank. Experts believe, however, that something completely different was going on in the air.

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This wasn’t the first time Russian videos were stripped. In September 2022, Nettavisen showed a video in which the Russians claimed to have destroyed a Ukrainian landing craft full of Ukrainian marines. On the other hand, the destruction turned out to be of an empty bridge pier that had remained since World War II.

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Disinformation is not new to the Russian system. The Kremlin has previously used the inflated losses of Ukrainian armored vehicles to portray Russian defensive operations as highly effective. In May, Norwegian experts published the specialist book “The War in Ukraine,” which states, among other things, that the desire to paint a glossy portrait of presidents in the Kremlin was a major reason things went wrong for Russia when they invaded the neighboring country.

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