January 27, 2023


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Ukraine War, Makiivka | Angry Russians blame weak military leadership for the mass killing in Makeyevka

The official explanation from the Russian authorities is that the unauthorized use of mobile phones among Russian soldiers is what enabled Ukraine to locate and destroy the school building in Makevka in Donetsk Province, where hundreds of Russian soldiers were housed.

The death toll after the New Year’s Eve rocket attack has risen to 89, but the death toll may have been much higher. Ukraine stated that 400 soldiers were killed.

– It is already clear that the main reason for what happened was the widespread operation and use of mobile phones, although such use is prohibited in areas within range of enemy weapons, as stated in a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry. defense.

Blaming the private soldiers makes the Russians angry. A number of eyewitnesses and relatives of the soldiers spoke to Russian media without revealing their identities Important stories. The site cites a social media group where soldiers’ families share their stories. She was Berlingske Tidende From viewing stories on this site.

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– “Everyone” knew about the Russian barracks

Several family members wrote that it was known among the locals in Makevka that the school building had been converted into a Russian barracks for soldiers.

– I am more than sure that the problem is not in the phones, but in the incompetence of the administration officials. What fool “hides” so many people under one roof? And even in a residential area? says the wife of one of the recruits who were in the school building when it was bombed. She also says that it was known among the locals in Makevka that the school building was full of Russian soldiers. She believes that the locals are the ones who told the Ukrainian forces where to launch their missiles.

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Another family member of Russian soldiers in Makievka says the soldiers don’t use SIM cards, but they all use wi-fi.

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Suspicious persons

“It seems to me that there is less a problem with the phones than with directions from the local population,” remarked the wife of another soldier who was in the school building when the explosion occurred.

This woman says that civilians were seen near the building several times in the days leading up to the attack.

– Many say that some suspicious people have often been there lately. They were arrested, but for some reason the bosses always told them to let them go. Drones often circled overhead. Well, it was no secret to anyone that a lot of military personnel were stationed there. How could one not notice this school in the middle of the city.

The soldiers are in conflict with the leadership

Soldiers are also said to have fled through windows when Himar missiles hit the building. The surviving soldiers were reportedly told that they would be considered deserters because they had left their weapons in the building when they fled.

It was also said that they were told to start digging trenches around the school, even though they had no weapons. It is said that the rift between the ordinary soldiers and the commanders caused many soldiers to stand by without doing anything. It is said that several people were taken in for questioning as a result.

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