January 28, 2023


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Ullersmo prison explosions: - Provides challenges

Ullersmo prison explosions: – Provides challenges

This was stated by Marte Brewer-Scorspe, assistant prison manager at the Romeric prison.

There is a high security ward and room for 286 inmates under the Ullersmo Romeric Prison. Many of the country’s most dangerous criminals are zoned here.

– It is clear that the infectious situation in the prison presents challenges to both staff and inmates, but prison manager Bruer-Scorspe says we are working closely with the local health service to handle the situation.

– Our main focus is to take care of all prisoners and staff. In this regard, I would like to commend all the staff for their efforts in overcoming this grim situation, he says.

Built in: Ullersmo prison, filmed here this summer, 14 infections confirmed. Photo: Fraud Sunday / TV2

In March, Ullersmo had a significant eruption. Now there is no one in isolation in Ullersmo except for seven prisoners and seven staff who have been tested positive.

Prison manager Bruer-Scorspo said they did not know how the prison was infected this time.

– Is it an explosion that you fear will increase?

– Otherwise it is imaginary that the increase in infection in the community may increase the infection here as well.

– Are all prisoners and staff being tested in connection with this explosion?

The health service has made arrangements to provide testing to a larger group than is required by current regulations. We recommend staff to check themselves twice a week with a quick check, and we’re willing to cover the costs involved.

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