Ulrikke Brandstorp reveals wedding plans

Ulrikke Brandstorp reveals wedding plans

The 26-year-old Ulrikke Brandstorp in recent years has made a name for herself as an artist and actress in productions like Eurovision Song ContestAnd the masuramaand Star Wars and Mamma Mia.

– I’ve just been on vacation, so now I’m really enjoying myself, and I’m madly looking forward to singing tonight, she shares.

TV 2 meets a Sarpsborg girl in a beautiful setting around Fredriksten Castle before Allsang on the border. The 26-year-old smiles widely as she stands with the Onyx dog – something she has good reason to.

Golstrup: Singer and actress Ulrikke Brandstorp has had a lot to get attached to lately. At home, she is now engaged, too. Pictured below is Allsang in the third broadcast on the border. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

During the last period, Brandstorp played the role of Sophie in the musical success Mamma Mia, and recently in May she became Engaged to his girlfriend Oscar Nordberg.

I finally cheated on him. I will be a “lady”. I’m really looking forward to it. Pretty cool, she says, and the engagement ring appears on the ring finger of TV 2.

Watch the interview with Ulrikke Brandstorp in the video at the top of the issue, as she reveals her wedding and career plans.

Flirting on a picnic

It is said that the engagement has been in the cards for a while, but the artist had no idea when the engagement would be.

– We talked a lot about wanting to share our lives with each other, and then it was our second anniversary, so I had little hope that something would happen, but then I wouldn’t be disappointed either, she shares.

Will it be this year’s summer hit?

Brandstorp also says they were out for a walk when ideas started running.

– I saw that he had something black in his jacket pocket, and then I thought: “Oh, my God, what is this?” , but then it was the car key, she says and laughs, and continues:

– But then he finally proposed. He was very romantic and sweet.

dreaming outside

According to the plan, the singer wants to stand a white bride in two years.

“There are very few weddings with corona and other things left behind, and then we want to share a little bit,” she explains.

A newly engaged couple sniffs at an overseas wedding, but the 26-year-old declines a Mamma Mia-inspired Greek wedding.

– Maybe it won’t be Greece – I’ll keep her on stage. Blue doors and blue chairs – I think I should stay away from that, she says with a laugh, and continues:

– Maybe Italy or Portugal? We sneak in and search. We are planning to go there to get to know her.

Brandstorp further revealed that she had already looked at wedding dresses early on.

– I saw it, but it took another two years, so a lot can happen, she says.

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A dream wedding describes singing talent as an experience filled with the people you love.

– I think the most important thing in a wedding is the people. It is the feast of life, one should celebrate love. And if I’m lucky and the weather is good – and if I can do it outside, I’m a little lucky.

– He feels lucky

Before the wedding takes place sometime in the future, Brandstorp will continue Mamma Mia’s journey for much longer. After 166 shows, it became known that the production would continue to star in Folketeateret in 2023.

– She was weird, surreal, and incredibly charming. She says: I feel very fortunate to experience the Greek adventure again, and continues:

– There are wonderful people, both on and off the stage, and I’m really not bored. I didn’t think I should say it, but I do think there is something to the music. It’s impossible to have a bad day after you leave.

I was surprised to see an old clip: – No, no, no!

Planning for the return of MGP

The adventurous singing star is not only content to perform in musicals, but also aims to make more music and tours at Christmas time.

– I’m going to the studio, on a little Christmas tour, and then I try to write a new Melodi Grand Prix song, which she shares and confesses:

It’s hard to win once and then push yourself.

However, Brandstrup reminds himself to lower his shoulders and see what will appear in the studio. In the meantime, you should sleep, read, exercise and rest for a while.

– I deserve it, she says sweetly.

Watch Allsang at the Border Friday 9.50pm on TV 2 and above TV 2 play when you want.

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