Ulrikke Brandstorp talks about the future and children

Ulrikke Brandstorp talks about the future and children

It has not been many weeks since Ulrike Brandstorp (28 years old) stood as a white bride and said “yes” to the bride chosen by Oscar Nordberg (30 years old).

She now hosts the podcast “Hanna and the lucky ones», The old and the young share about the big day. Here, too, she lifts the veil on her future plans.

- Some tears

– Some tears

Here she does not hide the fact that she wants children.

“And that’s the next chapter. It hurts to say this, but I’m off the pill!” she says with a little laugh.

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Brandstorp continues by saying that they haven't started trying for children yet, but she is looking forward to starting a family in the future.

– I know you can't plan when you have kids, but I can at least try to avoid that. If there's another season with “Baking Championships” for example, which I dream of, it would be very difficult. It's stupid to have a due date in the middle of Baking process.

New steps: Oscar Nordberg and Ulrike Brandstorp were married earlier this month.  Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour

New steps: Oscar Nordberg and Ulrike Brandstorp were married earlier this month. Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour
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However, she stresses that she realizes that it is difficult to plan, even if she wants to avoid the “busiest times.”

In sadness: - I love you!

In sadness: – I love you!

– But if it becomes difficult to have children, we will try until it works out. I don't put my life on hold because of work, says the 28-year-old.

The artist also expressed her desire to become a mother to Dagbladet.

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– I'm not pregnant now, but we dream about it, and it's not a secret. It's the next step in our life together. It could take a long time or a short time, you never know. But we are ready for that. “Ready for more chaos in the house,” she said shortly before the wedding.

- It is not permissible to say

– It is not permissible to say

She also has some ideas about how many little kids she dreams of having.

– But ideally maybe two? But if suddenly there were some twins or something like that, we wouldn't say no. It will be what it will be. We're both very family-oriented, and having children is something I've fantasized about my whole life. I never imagined getting married, but having children was very important to me.

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