Unable to recruit nurses – rooms must be closed

Unable to recruit nurses - rooms must be closed

Nurses, along with other professional groups, clearly indicate that there is little time in the daily work. Exceeded reporting and documentation burden has been reported. The SP government It is clear that the health service must shift in the direction of greater responsibility and confidence in those who perform the tasks.

In other words, more power should go back to health professionals. We also believe this is in the best interest of the patient. Increasing capacity, increasing core funding and phasing out repairs that don’t work – and the sum of this service is best for both staff and patients.


For the Labor Party, the solution to this is no longer privatization and a brain drain from the public service. We are clear that market thinking must be reduced, targeted management and privatization in health services.

We will work hard for a strong public health service, governed by society and funded by tax law – because this is critical in combating growing social and geographic differences. We are already spending more money on public health services, and implementing privatization reforms that do not create solutions to current or future challenges.

Changing demographics and the picture of disease requires that we use human resources in a good and correct way. We have appointed the Health Workers Committee to strengthen the training, recruitment and retention of qualified health workers across the country. But this does not mean that we are also not implementing emergency measures.

We are starting to train more nurses and specialist nurses, and we are taking measures to make room for more staff. More people to share tasks with will make it easier to stay in the job over time.

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Digitization presents great opportunities

New generations of older adults also mean patients who want more participation and access to health information and health services at home.

Technological development is changing the daily work and communication with patients. All this requires a huge restructuring, which must be well prepared. Therefore, we will, among other things, create financing models that facilitate the development of better step-by-step development and the achievement of coherent solutions for E-Health.

Digitization offers great opportunities to develop services for the benefit of both patients, while at the same time it can provide a simpler work day.

We count on the dialogue between the nurses and us politicians to be good. Signals should be taken in both directions to obtain the best possible result. Those who wear shoes are the ones who know best what works and what doesn’t in practice. In the same way, we as politicians depend on health professionals and leaders who follow the political cues. But it does require that you get the professional support and ample space you need.

It is ultimately about the patients who receive the best treatment. In this way, together we can enhance our shared health services.

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