Unio asks store to intervene against strike – sends letter to PM

Unio asks store to intervene against strike – sends letter to PM

– To resolve this impasse, we are now asking for help from the Prime Minister's Office, and the Prime Minister must accept negotiations with the parties, Unio President Rockhild Light told NTB.

It has been seven days since the strike began in the state, affecting the police force. In a letter to the prime minister, Lied pointed out that the ministry had not contacted Unio since the standoff.

Lied believes that the state's HR director and responsible minister Karianne Tung's (Ap) boss has shown no willingness to engage in genuine negotiations.

In the state's latest concession, the four unions were awarded a key fee agreement, where individual businesses are given access to distribute 75 percent of gross wages locally. Tung recently insisted on NRK's ​​Politisk kvarter that the Akademikerne and the Unio “didn't stretch one percent” to meet the state.

The two organizations rejected the government's offer and broke off mediation a week ago. LO and YS accepted.

serious concern

Since the breakdown of arbitration, the parties have expressed their primary positions, which are far from each other until the day they leave the negotiating table.

The letter, dated May 31, begins with a paragraph in which Light expresses serious concern about the “standing deadlock.” Minister for Digitization and Governance Karianne Tung (Ap) on Thursday reiterated the government and the government's position on the contract structure with the parties in the working life.

– An agreement that guarantees equal pay for equal work is the most important thing to us, no matter where you organize. The agreement between Akademikerne and Unio two years ago has expired and the content must be reviewed, Dung tells NDP.

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The Prime Minister's Office, which declined to comment on the decision, referred the NDP to Tung.

– As an employer of 170,000 employees and a salary budget of approximately NOK 110 billion, simple, fair and less bureaucratic is a deal. I stand by that. He says that communication between the parties during the strike went through Riksmekler.

Extend the contract

False claims that a committee should be set up to inquire into the future wage structure in the state. In the meantime, he is asking for the contract structure that existed before the wage settlement to be extended.

– We further request that today's agreement reached with the Storr government two years ago be extended, Light writes.

In 2022, Unio received the same major fee agreement that Akademikerne had since 2016. This agreement was adopted on the first ballot and thus applies to our members in the state.

– Two years later, when the State, through the responsible Minister, walks away from this agreement for the members of the Union, the needs of employees and businesses are ignored, as the experiences are not fully evaluated, while our experiences continue to be positive. Political reasons, writes union leader.

YS: Then the exam

– Attempting to raise this issue with the Prime Minister contributes to the further politicization of wage negotiations. It is the parties in working life who must decide on the creation of wages, and we relate to that, says Jens B., head of YS-stat to NTB. Jahren says.

Now he rejects Unio's proposal for an exam. An inquiry into wage formation in the state is not a solution to this year's wage settlement, on the other hand, the YS opens the door to setting up a committee after this year's settlement.

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– YS-Stat did not rule out the proposal for a committee to inquire into salary formation in the state, but it should come after completing the salary settlement this year. Our starting point is that you should have a contract with the state because it is fair. We are sticking to it, we agreed in the negotiations, says Zahren.

Announcing the increase

Unio and Akademikern both stepped up their strike on Monday and Tuesday. This will lead to reduced staffing at border controls at many airports.

1,600 union members in the state are already on strike, and another 1,736 will be kicked out on Monday. The academics are increasing their withdrawal of strike by 378 more members since Monday, taking the total to over 2250 strikers. In addition to the police, passport offices and border control are also affected.

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