November 30, 2022


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United continue to the League Cup after 11 wild games

United continue to the League Cup after 11 wild games

(Manchester United – Aston Villa 4-2) qualifies for Manchester United as they qualified in the League Cup. Perhaps there was only one person in the United shirt who was disappointed after the win against Aston Villa.



YouTuber “iShowSpeed” from Ohio in the US went to Manchester to watch his idol. The 17-year-old is famous for making eccentric videos where he pays tribute to, among other things, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The American who has 12.8 million subscribers on YouTube was very disappointed when the lineup was ready. It showed that Ronaldo was not part of the team. Well-informed Samuel Lockhurst of the Manchester Evening News has agreed to sign Twitter Ronaldo is sick.

Manchester United lost 1-3 to Aston Villa in the league on Sunday.

On Thursday, it was Manchester United who pulled the longest straw after the upside-down second half in the League Cup.

The two halves could hardly have been different, as neither the away team fans nor the away team were likely to be particularly upset when the referee signaled there was a break at Old Trafford. Without a goal and especially with chances, the first half was very quiet.

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After a boring first half, the second grabbed attention.

Just a few minutes after the break, Ole Watkins shined. Alone with the keeper, he shot it gently over the keeper and sent Aston Villa into the lead.

But the host team responded immediately. Bruno Fernandes was played in the back room. Inside, he found Anthony Martial, who had the easy task of hitting the equaliser.

Draw: Anthony Martial scored 1-1 against Aston Villa.

After an hour of playing, former Manchester United player Ashley Young made a beautiful cross at the back post to be led by Leon Bailey with his head in front of goal. Diogo Dalot stood there and threw the ball into his own goal.

But the home team had a lot to offer. The ball ended up in the back room with Marcus Rashford, who danced inside the penalty area and eventually shot the ball into the nearest corner.

Just over ten minutes before full time, the receipt was a fact. Sweden goalkeeper Robin Olsen made a horrific pass straight to the legs of Alejandro Garnacho, who plays for Fernandes. From eleven meters he threw it through Tyrone Mings into the goal.

In overtime, Garnacho provided a superb pass to score goals. From five meters away, Scott McTominay came flying and smashed the ball into the goal with the tip of his boot.