United States – disappeared without a trace – found dead

United States - disappeared without a trace - found dead

59-year-old Robert Hoagland was reported missing after he didn’t show up for work one day in July 2013. He was last seen at a gas station in Newton, Connecticut.

The next day, the police arrived at the 59-year-old’s home, and found all of the man’s wallet, medication, and mobile phone, he writes. NBC. But Hoagland was nowhere to be found.

According to the son, the father had met some suspicious men in the days leading up to the disappearance. Surveillance cameras reportedly showed him buying a map the same day he disappeared.

The changed name

An investigation was launched across the United States, and the disappearance garnered much media attention. In 2016, the documentary series Disappeared dealt with the topic of disappearance.

Nearly ten years after his disappearance, Hoagland was recently found dead in upstate New York. This discovery garnered much attention from the American media. He allegedly moved to the state, about 150 kilometers from Connecticut, and changed his name to Richard King, according to police.

does not depend on He writes that police were called to Hoagland’s residence after his roommate called 911 on Monday. The roommate is said to have mentioned that Hoagland suffered a medical emergency. He referred to Hoagland as Richard King.

After police in New York found documents indicating that Hoagland had been found, they contacted the police in Newton.

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– confusing

Police say they don’t suspect anything criminal behind Hoagland’s death, but an autopsy will be conducted. It is still not clear why the 59-year-old disappeared.

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“It’s a big mystery,” says Sheriff Eric Chabotte of the Sullivan Police Department.

Once again, Hoagland’s wife and three children left more questions than answers about what happened to the 53-year-old.

– It’s very confusing. We try to deal with it. We haven’t really discovered any details, says Jr. Christopher Hoagland.

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