June 10, 2023


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United took the lead just before the break!

Manchester United take on Arsenal in a match that will be hugely important both in the battle for the top three spots that award the Champions League (as Arsenal may be the top three team, United have the best chance of finishing on top), but also if United are Being able to get a real chance of getting an amazing gold chain.

Kick-off at Lee Sports Village is 20.15 (Scandinavian time), and the match will be broadcast on V Sport 2 in Norway, and on Viaplay throughout Scandinavia. United.no will cover the match in this article.

United made two changes to their starting eleven when United beat Brighton in the FA Cup weekend, when United qualified for their first FA Cup Final. Nikita Paris replace Lucia Garcia On the right edge, while Aoife Manion Surprisingly replaceable Millie Turner From start to stop. This is Mannion’s first start for United in over 14 months.

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Manchester United 1-0 (1-0) Arsenal

Women’s Premier League
Lee Sports Village

Goal: 1-0 Alicia Russo (45 + 1.).

Manchester United: Marie Erbes – Una Batley, Maya Le Tissier – Aoife Mannion, Hannah Blundell – Hayley Ladd, Katie Zelm (center) – Nikita Paris, Ella Tone, Leah Galton – Alicia Russo.
Alternatives: Sophie Bagagley, Jade Riviere, Asato Tonkara, Millie Turner, Feldy Bo Ressa, Estelle Cascarino, Lucia García, Martha Thomas and Rachel Williams.

He lives:

1: The match takes place in the evening sun at the Lee Sports Village.

3: Parris tries to play through Galton, but the pass and run don’t quite mesh together. Prior to that, Arsenal had a attempted cross from the right which United had good control of.

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4: All tickets for the match are sold out, but there are still a number of free seats. The match has been moved from the weekend to the middle of the week, which always means fewer spectators at women’s team matches since there are quite a few families with children at the match.

5: Galton cuts from the left twice in a short time. The first is managed by the Arsenal defender to be first against Rosso, while the second cross is not a particularly clean hit, and the cross ends up on the roof of the net.

6: Russo shoots a few meters from outside the penalty area.

10: United were better at the start, but Arsenal are now leading. It ends with Frida Leonhardsen Maanum trying to shoot in front of the goal, but the ball crosses the line, and it’s a goal kick.

12: National team captain Lea Williamson is injured and looks like she will have to come off. Arsenal captain today too. A big loss for the away team in this case.

15: Williamson had to leave, and Gio Queiroz came to Arsenal.

21: The ball passes to Blackstenius, but Mary Erbes is alert on the outside and intercepts the ball.

22: Zelem’s free kick is headed by Rosso at Mannion at the back post, but she is unable to hit the ball properly! Not exactly the player we were hoping the ball would land with.

29: Not much is happening now at Leigh. Some slackness on both sides.

30: An error by Le Tissier on the edge leads to an Arsenal cross, but Mannion clears.

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34: Katie Zelm receives a yellow card for a late tackle. I’m not particularly happy with it, but it was another good decision by the referee.

36: Frida Leonardsen Mannum struggles a bit after the duel with Xylem, but it looks like she can keep going.

40: No shots on goal yet.

44: Leonhardsen Maanum pulls off a slightly surprising angle, but never anything serious. It may have been the first shot on goal of the match, at least.

45: Yellow card to Gio Queiroz after he cracked Blondel.

45 + 1: Five minutes added. Blondel is receiving treatment after an unnecessary tackle which resulted in a yellow card.

45 + 2: A life-threatening free kick from Zelem which deflects off Leah Galton in the penalty area, causing some mayhem, but Arsenal’s Wubben-Moy puts his head on the ball, and Arsenal clears the ball.

45 + 3: Haile Ladd receives a yellow card. Then both United midfielders have a yellow card. not optimal.

45+6: Goal! Alicia Russo sends United into the lead in stoppage time in the first half of stoppage time! Receiving the ball on the field from Nikita Paris (who himself received the ball from Maya Le Tissier), Rousseau rolled the ball into the goal.


46: The second half is in progress. Replacing Steve Catley in place of Katharine Cole, Arsenal moved into a trio of stoppers.

47: Great chance for Alicia Russo to double saved by Zinsberger, then Arsenal save and almost get a great chance too!