Unity, Corona Crisis | This problem does not go away with Corona

Unity, Corona Crisis |  This problem does not go away with Corona

Sky: 7 out of 10 young people feel lonely. – This is not a problem that will go away with corona. A safe and quality learning environment is important.

This was said by Mathilde Boe Skjäggestad, district president of the student organization Vestfold and Telemark.

She has the support of county politician Caroline Arvold, who raised the issue at the county municipality’s main committee on education and competence.

761 young people requested

Bu Skjeggestad is based on a recent Red Cross report, which includes 761 young people between the ages of 16 and 19.

The report states, among other things, that:

* More than seven out of ten say they feel lonely right now

* Almost every fourth person feels lonely, while half say they sometimes feel lonely.

* When asked if they felt lonely before the epidemic, more than half answered in the affirmative.

– 82% of girls in the survey said they feel lonely, compared to 63% of boys.

It is not easy to compare data from different years, but the Red Cross says: Several studies indicate an increase in loneliness among young people.

high threshold

The time has come to strengthen the school health service, says Bo Skjestad. The threshold for getting help is very high, and a lot of home tuition fees last year has made it more difficult to get help and follow-up from the School Health Service.

That so many people have felt lonely and other embarrassing thoughts is something the county should take seriously.

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Digital School Health Service

Bu Skjeggestad finds that although school health services are considered by many to be important, there are shortcomings.

– The health nurse is seldom present, and as we witnessed during the home school; Even less digitally present.

She and the organization are both positive about digital healthcare.

It is important to have a strong, low-threshold school health service that includes a health nurse, psychologist, environmental therapist, and educational psychological service, and hopefully the digital platform will make that easier.


– Despite this, it is important that the county municipality does not replace physical promotion of school health services in schools with a digital display.

Politician Caroline Arvold told TA she believes she has received few concrete answers to her questions about unit on the panel, but that she will pursue the issue further.

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