January 28, 2023


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- Unlikely - VG

– Unlikely – VG

Burnt Candidate: Mauricio Pochettino (left) is rumored to be Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s heir at Old Trafford.

Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino is the favorite to take charge of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. However, Manchester United should not hold their breath, we must believe the football experts.


– Pochettino is clearly the desire for this job here. Immediately after the news of Solskjaer’s resignation, several sources announced at the same time that he should be open to talks.

So says Tor-Kristian Karlsen, with a long career in European football and now a football writer for VG, among others. Sky Sports For example, anonymous sources reported that Pochettino was “disappointed” in Paris and ready to change job.

In the wake of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s departure from Manchester United, the former Tottenham boss has emerged as the hottest candidate for the United job – for the long-term.

– However, I think it is unlikely that it will happen in the middle of the season. If you don’t play the cards directly with PSG, you may end up staying against your will – that is from Who will decide when the coach should go.

Michael Carrick leads the team as interim coach until further notice and will face his first ordeal against Villarreal in Spain on Tuesday night.

Watch Solskjaer’s farewell interview:

Previously rumored

For another year and a half, Pochettino was hired in the French capital. Pochettino has been by far the hottest candidate to take the job at Old Trafford on several occasions, most recently when Solskjaer appeared to be the Lost in November last year.

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It is almost impossible to appoint a desirable candidate in the middle of the season because the best coaches are in other clubs. I think the wisest thing they can do is keep two ideas in mind at the same time: Work out a solution until the summer, with an experienced coach, while trying to recruit a long-term solution after the summer, says Carlsen.

Carlsen points out that United likely learned from the “traumas” they received from the exhausted figure Jose Mourinho was in charge of until Solskjaer landed the job in the run-up to Christmas.

At the same time, I think Pochettino is a more moderate version of (Antonio) Conte and Mourinho, he is a very specific type and temperament and he has put his clubs under pressure. I think Manchester United will go through extensive rounds of research before they do anything else, he points out.

Another Joker has been launched in the process of searching for training:

– A little sensual

Although Pochettino apparently has a dream job in Paris, where he gets to lead stars like Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and Lionel Messi, and sit alone at the top of the Ligue 1 table, that was shortly before the first reports of his frustration emerged. Outside.

From what I have seen of his work in Paris over the past year, it does not seem that he can fully implement his ideas. There are many factors that play a role, but in the past, Pochettino has built more teams from scratch and basically never bought into the big stars. Paul Thomas Clay, who has followed French football for several years as a commentator, says he is more a team player than a manager of a star fair.

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On the other hand, Clay thinks it would be strange to leave Pochettino now, and that it would be even more important this summer.

I think PSG are very reluctant to change coach in the middle of the season unless they have to. They don’t have to now. They have a very good coach who leads the league a long way to second place and could potentially advance in the Champions League. And he concludes, I don’t think they will raise it now.