Uno-X invests in lightning chargers – a new charging station that promises lightning-fast and easy charging at Rema 1000 stores

Uno-X invests in lightning chargers - a new charging station that promises lightning-fast and easy charging at Rema 1000 stores

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(Elbil24): – The opening of the first lightning charging station for electric vehicles is an important strategic milestone, and marks the beginning of an ambitious investment in electric mobility, Ole Robert Ritan said in a press release.

Raytan is CEO of Reitan Retail and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uno-X Mobility. It is the latest company that is now establishing itself as a supplier of charging stations with its 300 kW lightning chargers.

-With the Uno-X, we have a clear ambition to contribute to simpler and more sustainable mobility, and with us vehicle charging will be fast, easy and cheap, says Reitan.

Lightning charging while shopping

Uno-X plans to capitalize on existing positions in the Reitan Retail family when the company builds new charging stations in the future.

This allows you to reach for the lightning charger when you park the electric car on a shopping trip on the Rema 1000.

– This means that in the future there will be Uno-X lightning charging at both select REMA 1000 stores and Uno-X stations in Norway and Denmark, says Reitan.

Elbil24 was present when Tesla opened its charging station in Nebbenes for all electric vehicles. We were also among the first to test the solution. Video: Bjorn Eric Loftus / Elbel 24
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Denmark first

Danish Transport Minister Trine Bramsen inaugurated the first charging station for the Uno-X blde on Friday. The charging station is located in Nyborg in Denmark.

In Norway, the first charging station is expected to open during the summer

We are pleased that Uno-X can now offer fast charging for electric vehicles, says Commander Vegar Kulset at Uno-X Mobility.

– In the medium term, we believe it will be possible to ship 1,000 cars at the same time at Reitan Retail locations in Norway and Denmark, says Kulset.

– competitive prices

Uno-X states that fast charging with them will not require a subscription.

There will also be no need to create a user, charging sim, or the like.

All electric vehicle drivers on the go will have the opportunity to take advantage of the new lightning chargers. All you need is a regular debit card. Colst concludes that our customers should always be confident that we have competitive rates.

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