Uno-X is 1 penny cheaper than Tesla

Uno-X is 1 penny cheaper than Tesla

3.50: At the Uno-X at E18 in Oslo, shipping now costs NOK 3.50.

Fresh prices overview:

Uno-X drives shipping rates down. Now charging on the Uno-X costs the same as charging on a Tesla.

At Uno-X’s 19 charging stations currently, their cost is now on average NOK 3.76/kWh To charge. The average price at Tesla’s 111 stations that are open to everyone is now NOK 3.58/kWh Outside peak hours, and NOK 3.96/kWh During peak hour, i.e. during the hours when charging is typically highest in the afternoon/evening. Shows the latest price overview from TOCN Tesla Owner Club.

This means that charging in the Tesla and Uno-X now costs the same.

– We want to be competitive in terms of price, says Jens Hoogland, General Manager of Uno-X Norway, and is satisfied.

See the latest rates for other shipping operators below.

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The price differences between stations are large, whether at Tesla or Uno-X. Uno-X charges from NOK 2.50 to NOK 4.50/kWh, while Tesla’s charging rate ranges from NOK 2.75 to NOK 4.65/kWh (off-peak hours).

Uno-X’s Jens Haugland won’t reveal exactly why the Uno-X behaves like a Tesla, and has different prices.

– He says: – We want to be able to compete in the markets in which we are present, and customers must follow us.

Other charging operators have similar rates at their stations.

1 penny

Tesla owners, and non-Tesla owners who pay a subscription of NOK 129 per month, charge a lower price at Tesla charging stations. The price difference is now just over NOK per kilowatt-hour between subscription and non-subscription.

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The average price for Tesla owners and their subscriptions is now NOK 2.51/kWh during off-peak hours, and NOK 2.79/kWh during peak hours.

Interestingly, Uno-X at two stations, in Raufoss and in Sandnes, charges NOK 2.50/kWh.

This is a penny less than the average price for Tesla owners at all Tesla stations. It is now NOK 2.51/kWh outside peak hours, according to the latest price overview The Tesla Owner’s Club performed.

far behind

Uno-X is leading a price war on charging, but other charging operators are currently far behind.

Eviny and E.On are the cheapest among the others, while Circle K has the highest shipping price of all, according to shipping rates obtained from Motor on October 27.

Express shipping rates for unregistered customers (which is equivalent to charging at Tesla without a subscription):

Eveny NOK 4.99/kWh

H. on NOK 5/kWh

communicate NOK 5.89/kWh

recharge And more NOK 5.99/kWh

K circle NOK 6.89/kWh

(Reshipping has prices 50 euros lower in central and northern Norway).

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