UP restriction: fine of NOK 160,000

UP restriction: fine of NOK 160,000

In this illustration, a police officer is standing and measuring the speed. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTP

That's the penalty for using a mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt, writes Dramence Ditente.

In addition, there is a penalty for excessive speed.

– I'm surprised there are so many charges for not using or misusing belts. We know that mobile phones are used a lot behind the wheel, but it's not good to get so many reactions to using a seat belt, says Christian Bergen, group leader of UP Buskerud. Tramens dente.

It was Thursday Emergency Police The study took place at Gulskogen in Buskerud. It's called “behavior control,” Bergen tells the newspaper.

Among other things, they check whether people are wearing seat belts or their mobile phones while they are behind the wheel.

The results were announced by the police themselves.

14 submissions, 13 for mobile fee for not wearing a seat belt, and ten to submit Very high speed.

The maximum measured speed is 57 kilometers per hour in the 40 zone.

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Drammens Tidende did the math and calculated that mobile phone use behind the wheel and no seat belt use would cost NOK 160,000.

That means no more than ten fines for speeding.

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– There was a relatively large number of reactions. In a frightening voice, Bergen tells Drammens Tidende.

The sports club has also issued fines in its time – see here:

Assuring insurance results

In addition to posing a major traffic hazard to oneself and others, mobile typing behind the wheel can have insurance consequences.

Communications Manager at Gjensidige Bjarne Aani Rysstad, it's clear that they don't take kindly to accidents caused by mobile phone use either.

– Texting or diverting your attention from the road over time is considered very negligent and warrants a reduction, he says.

Bjarne Aani Rysstad
Bjarne Aani Rysstad

Communications Manager at Gjensdige

– Gjensidige will, as far as possible, reduce mobile phone use and where accidents can be linked to mobile use. Hunting down mobile criminals is an important part of GJDK to put an end to the madness behind the wheel. He says the most important thing is life and health, but it should also be punished financially.

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