June 8, 2023


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UPD: Musk revealed the new president

Elon Musk says he’s found the boss of X and Twitter.

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Updated May 12 at 6:31 PM:

Updated May 12, 5:25 PM:

Linda Iaccarino will be the new President of X and Twitter. This has not been confirmed, but it has been reported that she is leaving NBC Universal as Head of Advertising and Partners. They’re probably not quite done yet, which is why the deal won’t be finalized for another month or so. The rumors surrounding her are that she has always wanted the position, and that she is “too tough.” He’s pretending to be Yaccarino, and we think we’ll get confirmation of that any minute.

Watch her interview with Musk in April:

Musk will still have many roles at both companies

X is the umbrella company for many of Musk’s businesses and ideas that, among other things, lead to cryptocurrency on Twitter. In addition to all of that, the future director will be in charge of Twitter, though we don’t think Musk will stop tweeting. The principal will be on the job in about six weeks, but it’s unknown who she is or when we’ll find out.

Musk reveals at the same time that he will change his role as an active day-to-day manager, to Chairman of the Board, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), overseeing product and software development and system management. No, Musk will not quit in any way, but he will feel comfortable in a number of roles and assignments.

The latest from Twitter is that those who pay can now beta test encrypted messages. But as Musk mentioned, the service isn’t guaranteed to be secure just yet.

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