UPDATED: Apple had to change everything to make this happen

UPDATED: Apple had to change everything to make this happen

Apple's “Project Greymatter” is the company's AI project to integrate AI into iOS 18. And now we know more.

First published May 30

Updated, 31 May, 08:00:

AI leaks continue ahead of Apple's WWDC event on June 10. This time, it's Mark Gurman again, for the third time, who reveals more about the features that are possible now that Apple has completely overhauled iOS to support LLMs and so they can be used to do specific tasks. Google has already announced that it will build Gemini into Android 15 this fall so you can offer more than one chatbot or have the functionality locked to a specific app.

It's a very different Siri that will meet iPhone owners this fall than it has since the assistant's somewhat shaky launch in February 2010. Siri will be able to do that:

  • Open specific documents
  • Move notes from one folder to another
  • Delete email
  • Summarize an article
  • Send a link via email
  • Open a specific newspaper in Apple News

Apple will also let the AI ​​know what you do during the day and where you are, so that more tasks can be automated to a greater extent.

At launch, only Apple apps will get support for this, and Siri will only be able to respond to one command at a time, but both of these parts will be unlocked and improved over time. The bigger question for Norwegian users is whether any of this will be possible in Norwegian this fall, or whether we will have to wait, or resort to English, for a long time.

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More AI discoveries paint an almost complete picture

There have been two major revelations regarding this already – both from Mark Gurman:

  • Conversations with Siri just got more natural, including improved Siri on Apple Watch
  • Apple's “proactive intelligence” is supposed to help users throughout the day – it includes an automatic summation of notifications on the iPhone
  • News article summaries and text-to-speech in Notes
  • Auto-complete calendar entries
  • Recommend applications
  • AI-based image editing in Apple Photos (seems to be no more advanced than Adobe Photoshop in the latest version)
  • Improve lights
  • Suggestions for answers in emails and messages

AppleInsider is now following up with more information that perhaps paints a very complete picture of what we can expect this fall, and as early as June 10 for those of you jumping straight into the first beta.

Let's deal with Siri first:

  • Improved answers: Response creation capabilities have been significantly updated with a new intelligent response framework that takes into account entities such as people, companies, calendar events, locations, dates, and more.
  • Improved sounds: “More natural” voices with better text-to-speech functionality.
  • Cross-device media controls: Use Siri on one device to control playback on another, such as Apple Watch for Apple TV (not expected until later in 2024.)
  • “right”: Users can request an overview of their recent notifications via ‌Siri‌.

In the case of certain applications, it is disclosed that:

  • Smart answer: It allows users to respond to messages and emails with automatically generated text responses.
  • Text and summary: New AI tools for Notes let users edit audio in the app, transcribe audio, and summarize text.
  • Math notes: Support for correct mathematical notation in Notes with Calculator integration. Math Notes allows Notes to learn about mathematical equations, come up with solutions, and create graphs.
  • Mathematics predictions in keyboard: Math input improvements that enable completion of complex mathematical expressions when recognized as part of text input, similar to predictive text or inline text completion.
  • cleaning: Remove objects from photos with generative AI. This tool will replace Apple's current “Retouch” feature.
  • Generative playground: An app that uses artificial intelligence to create and edit photos using the iMessage app extension. It's currently only designed for Apple's internal testing environments, but it says there are plans to let users create photos and then share them via iMessage. This may be related to rumored plans to allow users to create custom emojis.
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