Updated: RTX 3090 Ti launched on March 29th: 1TB/s bandwidth – 4090 could be 110 percent faster

Updated: RTX 3090 Ti launched on March 29th: 1TB/s bandwidth - 4090 could be 110 percent faster

Finally, after an oddly long wait after the company first announced its new top-of-the-line graphics processor on January 27th, it should.

Updated, 16:02:

At the same time as history has been nailed, the RTX 30 series is rumored to live with the 40 series at launch, which makes more than sense due to the lack of components and not the lowest price these cards will start from – we think it would be terrible even if GPU-prices are on the way to go down a little.

Sources who spoke with Moore’s Law Is Dead believe that the RTX 3090 will be able to increase performance (without ray tracing) by 80 to 110 percent (!) compared to the RTX 3090 and that ray tracing performance will be doubled, at least.

Nvidia will reveal 3090 on Tuesday, March 29th at 15:00

The date the company will announce the 3090 ti with the price and so the whole thing is March 29 – in addition to its own card, OEM cards will also be revealed. At the same time, the first newspaper cards for the devices will be tested, so we will see how the 3090 ti works in April.

It is still unknown why we had to wait from the end of January to the end of March for a real launch, but there must have been problems with the 2GB GDDR6X modules in the cards, which were revealed just before the first cards appeared and sent to testers.

Gets incredible RAM bandwidth

The 3090 ti is equipped with a GA102-350 GPU containing 10 752 CUDA cores and 21Gbps GDDR6X RAM with a maximum bandwidth of over 1TB/s. This will also be the first video card to require a 16-pin (PCIe Gen5) connection and at least 450 watts of power.

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