Urges Norwegians to investigate whether the mobile phone is on the list

Urges Norwegians to investigate whether the mobile phone is on the list

Folkets Strålevern, a non-profit member organization founded in 2010, warns against using more mobile phones than the iPhone 12 with excessively high radiation values.

I think very high radiation values ​​are a widespread problem

The organization issued a press release in the wake of the radiation issue in France, which culminated in Apple launching an iOS version in the country to change the radiation value within legal limits.

The limit values ​​being compared are limit values ​​that have been established on the basis of the idea that only heating from microwave radiation can cause damage. But many researchers today claim that pulsed microwave radiation causes health damage when the radiation power is well below limit values ​​and without any heating occurring.

People’s Commission for Radiation Protection

This particular issue is the starting point:

“The sale of the iPhone 12 has been banned in France after authorities tested the phone and found that the radiation level exceeded limit values ​​when using the phone as people actually use it – that is, near the head, in a pocket or elsewhere on the body,” the press release says.

The organization notes that “after the software update, the iPhone 12 is sold again in France, but it is still sold unchanged in Norway and other countries. However, the update only applies to phones sold in the French market. In the rest of the world – and in Norway.” – iPhone12 devices are still sold at values ​​exceeding the recommended threshold values. Newer iPhone models have not yet been tested.

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Wired reports that a number of mobile phones (50 listed in the French National Frequency Agency’s database) have failed the test, including the Motorola Edge, Xiaomi Poco X3, Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

It prompts you to scan the database

– We support Phonegate Alert’s claim that the iPhone 12 should be withdrawn from the European market, and that a software update is never enough. There are approximately 90 million iPhone 12 users in Europe, and they deserve to be concerned about their health and informed that their phones may be harmful to their health, says Sissel Halmøy from Folkets Strålevern.

Folkets Strålevern uses, among other things, information from Russia’s Rospotrebnadzor to substantiate its own claims:

The radiation emitted by all mobile phones poses a danger to humans, especially children. It is important to follow safety rules when talking on a mobile phone: the call should not last more than two minutes, and the break between calls should be at least 15 minutes, a spokesperson said. rospotrebnadzor, According to the Russian news site Gazeta.

Halmøy encourages the public to investigate whether their cell phones can be found the list: “To see the phone models that were tested and found to remain below the threshold values, click the “Conforme” link in the “Filtres” menu on the far left. While the models that shine the most can be found by clicking on the “Not Matched” link. (In the far left column of the list, you can see if it says “Conforme” or “Non Conforme.”)

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