US Health Agency warns – hundreds of thousands of infections a day? – Politics abroad

The CDC, the head of the U.S. Health Commission, warns of hundreds of thousands of new corona infections a day in the United States.

Rochelle Walenski, 52, told CNN on Thursday evening (local time) that if the country unites, those who have not been vaccinated can be vaccinated and people can wear their masks to bring the situation under control within a few weeks.

But: “Our models, if we don’t do that, can get as many as 100,000 cases a day – like an increase in early January.”

When asked if the numbers would drop again quickly, Valensky said: “We have never seen this before.” In many South American states, such as Florida, there is a rapid increase.

Your Important Note: In the past, with more case numbers like this, there were more deaths than today!

The reason is many vaccines against the virus. If there is progress in vaccination, the course of the disease is usually mild. “She (the vaccine) can no longer stop the spread,” said the CDC boss, referring specifically to the infectious delta variant.

On the other hand, she did not provide any information on how to deal with potential booster vaccines. You look at the data and then you make an independent decision.

The delta variant with its 330 million population led to a sharp increase in new infections in the United States. Their numbers have risen from about 10,000 a day in June to an average of 90,000.

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