US will defend Taiwan against Chinese invasion – VG

US will defend Taiwan against Chinese invasion - VG
We’ll Send Soldiers: President Joe Biden speaking at a gala, September 15.

President Joe Biden answers yes to questions about whether the United States would send troops to Taiwan if the autonomous island was invaded by China, which it considers its territory.


The statement comes in an interview with CBS which was sent on Sunday. When asked what Chinese President Xi Jinping should know about Biden’s commitments to Taiwan, Biden said the United States stands behind the “one China” policy, but Taiwan makes its own decisions on independence.

– We didn’t do anything. We do not encourage them to become independent. We don’t, Biden says, it’s their choice.

– But will the American forces defend the island, asks the presenter.

Yes, they will, if it is an unprovoked attack, Biden replies.

So, unlike Ukraine, and to be perfectly clear: American troops, American men and women will defend Taiwan against a possible Chinese invasion?

Yes, Biden replies.

He says the policy hasn’t changed

After the interview, the White House told the channel that US policy toward Taiwan has not changed. Officially, Americans are strategically ambiguous about whether they want to defend Taiwan, but they are obligated by law to help Taiwan with equipment so it can defend itself. That is why the US State Department announced in early September that it would award Taiwan a $1.1 billion arms deal.

In 1979, the island was recognized by the United States as part of “One China”, represented by the government in Beijing.

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China react

China refers to Biden’s statement as a “serious violation” of the US commitment not to support independent Taiwan.

“It is sending a seriously wrong signal to the Taiwan independence forces,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning told a press conference.

China and Taiwan have been separated since 1949 when the Communists won the Chinese Civil War and seized power on the mainland. The defeated Nationalists took refuge on the island of Taiwan.

Norway, the United Nations and the vast majority of countries in the world have also recognized Taiwan as part of “one China”. Recently, several US politicians in Congress visited Taiwan, which sparked resentment in China.

Trump went to Biden’s throat – watch the video:

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