USA: Amazon Center denies easy work – abortion – economy for pregnant women

Online retailer Amazon has long been criticized for its dramatically worse working conditions. Very low intervals during corona epidemics, poor occupational safety and most recently a violation of health regulations – but this case has been particularly severely affected since last October.

As “Wise“Reports say a young woman from California lost her baby because she had to work so hard for several weeks at an Amazon collection center. Although she had repeatedly asked her boss for easy tasks and relaxation.

According to the “Wise” report, it was already too late when Grandma Hernandez, 23, developed abdominal pain. She went to a toilet and found blood on her underwear. It was clear: your seven-week-old baby was in danger of dying.

An incredible incident, especially since the grandmother tried to make the job easier for her employer early in her pregnancy. He told the “Vice” spin-off “Motherboard”: “My manager did not help me. He came up behind me and asked: ‘Why is a record so bad, why do you spend so much time in the toilet, and why do you always go over ten minutes?’ We are only allowed ten minutes a day, but it takes six minutes to go back to the bathroom. “

These working conditions are a disgrace even to non-pregnant women – but rejecting Hernandez’s request leaves you speechless.

According to his own report, he was repeatedly asked to carry only lighter packages and was issued a medical certificate stating that he was prohibited from lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying objects weighing more than nine kilograms. In addition, she should not walk or stand for more than 50 percent of the time she works.

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The truth is different: according to the report, workers at U.S. parcel centers throw away packages weighing more than 20 kilograms – in ten-hour shifts. Grandma repeatedly grabbed heavy parcels filled with shampoo, energy drinks or dog food.

Incredible: Your employer’s department rejected the certificate – on the grounds that there was no need to drag at least seven kilograms over the entire center.

Incredibly low point: On the day of the miscarriage, Grandma told her employer that she had to go home due to a medical emergency, which of course she would have been allowed to do under the American Labor Law (Family and Medical Leave Act). . Inhumane Amazon responds: “You are not allowed to go home under the Medical Leave Act because you have not worked 1250 hours in the last few months. It was estimated to be only 841.57 hours. “

Even the break Grandma Hernandez took home could no longer save her baby: a week after the incident, her midwife could no longer measure her heart rate.

In response to concerns about labor law, Amazon has repeatedly stressed the importance of “the health and safety of our employees”. Bildt spokesman: “We provide daily support and medical care to thousands of employees in our companies. It is disturbing to hear these allegations and the loss of Ms. Hernandez. However, there are discrepancies, and we will continue to investigate the situation and help determine what additional assistance Ms Hernandez may need. “

Various cases from pregnant women (there must have been at least seven in the United States between 2011 and 2019) speak a different language.

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