USA, Great Britain, Israel: How Successful Are Corona Vaccines?

USA, Great Britain, Israel: How Successful Are Corona Vaccines?


Israel, the United States and co. – What happened to the vaccine world champions?

Corona: Delta-variante in Israel, England and Portugal

Corona: Delta-variante in Israel, England and Portugal

The delta variant is spreading rapidly and is highly contagious. Israel, Portugal and Great Britain in particular are currently struggling with it. More about this in the video.

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Israel, the United Kingdom, Chile and the United States were considered effective when vaccinating. But what is the current corona situation?


  • In Great Britain, the United States and Israel, corona vaccines went much better than other countries
  • With the new Delta variant, it is now significantly increasing again in Israel and Great Britain
  • How successful are corona vaccines?

They were considered a few months ago Vaccine championsIsrael, Britain, America and Chile: The jealous greener of the rest of the world. But in the meantime the administration of the vaccine is no longer going so smoothly. There are big gaps among big young people. In addition, rapid spread Delta-mutation Anxiety. An overview.

Israel: Delta diversity causes concern

In Israel Until recently there was silence. The danger of something new Govt wave Appeared in the distance. The country was considered a world champion in vaccination. Currently, nearly 60 percent of the population has full protection against the vaccine Corona virus. In people over the age of 50, it is more than 90 percent. Experts considered it a “true herd immunity”.

That may change now: The Infectious curve The delta has risen steeply over the past few weeks as a result of variability. At the beginning of June there were 15 new infections a day, the last number being 300. Currently, 17 new infections per 100,000 people are registered within a week. The seven-day event a month ago was 1.1.

Age distribution is staggering: the main reason for this is that until recently only people over the age of 16 were vaccinated. The age limit was reduced to only twelve years at the beginning of June. However, authorities do not recommend vaccinating young people. Only now is the government drumming heavily for them Corona vaccineBring the boys Vaccination centers To do the trick.

Sharp rise in Infections However, epidemiologists need not panic because many of the affected people are not sick. There has only been one in the last two weeks Death.

Great Britain: A third corona wave rolled across the country

One-third Covid-19 wave Now it is rolling across the UK. But more people on the island are being vaccinated than in any other country. Hospital admissions and deaths are much lower than before. So in the UK The mask is needed Often omitted. In addition, all contact restrictions must be waived and clubs reopened.

Currently more than 20,000 new infections are reported every day. The seven-day event has risen to nearly 170. There were 2000 to 3000 new infections a day in April / May Event It was about 20. At that time it was hoped that there would be a third Phantomivelle Thanks to the vaccination program can be avoided. But Delta-variation Led to another explosion. Delta exists across the board.

With The third wave The second vaccine dose was preferred for the elderly. So far, 50 per cent of Britain has received both cans. But that is not enough for herd immunity.

USA: Vaccine rate drops significantly

With nearly 3.6 million vaccines – one day – the United States vaccinated in April Anti-corona-comp The fastest speed in the world. President Joe Biden has released a slogan calling for 70 percent of Americans to be protected from the virus by July 4, Independence Day. Target missed. According to figures from the CDC Health Authority, less than 50 percent of American adults over the age of 18 are now vaccinated twice. The vaccination rate has dropped dramatically – to about 900,000 a day.

The problem is the slope United States. The dwarf state of Vermont in the north is 77 percent vaccinated, while the value in Mississippi is 38 percent. In states ending in 2020 Donald Trump Reluctance to vaccinate is usually greater than where Biden won. Nearly 30 percent of Americans are stubbornly skeptical.

Last announced United States About 12,500 new infections, 1,800 hospital admissions and 250 deaths per day. Compared to the beginning of the year, this is down to 95 percent. CDC is ready to worry Delta-mutation. This is 20 percent of new infections, and the trend is increasing.

Chile: Despite vaccinations, the disease is not under control

The last week of June finally came with good news Corona-lead In Chile. The number of new infections dropped to its lowest level in a few months. As of July 1, only 2677 new infections have been reported. Gradually, the South American vaccine champion, the tough starts Disabling Loosen again. People take deep breaths.

Andean country is one of the first and most effective in vaccination campaign. But out of 15 million Chileans, 67 per cent get vaccinated once and 56 per cent get vaccinated twice, but the country gets them. International spread Not in control.

Clinics are still overcrowded and intensive care beds are in short supply. Chile is still one of the 25 most infected countries in the world. The reasons are different: The Delta-mutation Proven to be a good week, the Brazilian B1 variant has been widespread for months. In Chile In addition, middle and lower class people live more complex lives. After all, after long months of restrictions and a series of difficult locks, the Chilean people no longer feel like wearing masks and remote rules.

In addition, there are a wide range of medical professionals Vaccine The Chinese vaccine Sinovac was identified as a complication. This is because it does not protect against infection and the spread of SARS-Cov-2 virus, but alleviates the trend, it is said. And Chile – Like many other countries in Latin America – especially this one Vaccine Vaccine.

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