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Become a Millionaire Overnight!

Christopher Williamson, a nursing coach from the state of Georgia in the United States, invested only $ 20 in the almost unknown cryptocurrency Rocket Bunny – the next morning he suddenly had more than a trillion dollars in his wallet!

Williamson describes the incredible moment for the American broadcaster “Fox” Like: “I woke up, it was 9am and I was looking at my phone as usual to see how my cryptocurrency was working, it was like ‘No, I’m asleep’.”

Chris Williamson from Manchester, GeorgiaPhoto: Personal

But the “account balance” in his use lasted, even increasing in a few days – up to $ 173 trillion. By comparison: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has $ 250 billion “only”.

Has the nursing coach become the richest man in the world with a happy crypto hand?

Unfortunately, no. This is a bad visual error.

When Williamson tried to move his crypto-currencies to another wallet, the same price was no longer shown. His friend had also invested in Rocket Bunny, but did not see such a big price explosion.

Williamson saw the mistake and decided to take it with humor. He wrote in an email to the operators of his crypto application Coinbase: “Look, you all have to tell me what’s going on because a mega boat company has promised to build a penguin – shaped boat.”

Coinbase has confirmed that it is investigating the error. Williamson’s account is disabled and he will not be able to withdraw money or trade in cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, in between, of course, he had already imagined what he would do with such a large sum. Williamson said in practice: “This is a lot of money that I will never spend in my life, so I will do it better.”

In particular: he will make sure he takes care of his family, pays for his sisters’ homes, and sets up free clinics.

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